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You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

Il Duce at the farm. See the weapon?

Yesterday I needed a momentary break from my service to the emperor. Doing his bidding all day every day can really wear on a person so after re-fixing his chocolate milk three times to get it just right and head off that epic screaming fit that we all could have suffered through, I sat down to catch up on some blog reading. I’ve got a list of fantastic mommy bloggers who I follow regularly because, well, I guess we have at least our reproductive abilities in common. God, it’s depressing though. After scrolling through all these upbeat, inventive tales of their funny and sweet children with the love they have for them coming across in every word they type I just got cranky. Especially one gal who posted an angelic pic of her smiling tot with goodness that just emanated from every pore in the child’s body.

Then I look at Il Duce. Every photo I have of him he’s either sneering, giving me the finger or brandishing a weapon. This filthy little animal has ruined nearly every family photo I’ve tried to take in the last two years. Not even his make-believe games come close to normal. Last night I heard him using his Diego plastic marsupials in a jungle adventure, except he kept calling them “sex monkeys” and putting them in jail for kissing. What the fuck does that mean? Don’t even start pointing the finger at me, because the phrase “sex monkeys” has never passed my lips. Even my ten-year old was scandalized.
We got his weirdly inconclusive test results back from the world-renowned three thousand dollars a pop Neuro/Psycho/Edu testing dude and he’s all like “what a funny kid! He’s super smart but not so good at being told what to do huh?” Yes, super expensive rip off artist, I could have pooled the collective resources of every  idiot who’s ever come in contact with him and come up with a more comprehensive plan of action than scratching my head and suggesting meds if he doesn’t calm down in a few years. Better yet, I’m gonna steal those meds and help myself to a big heap of mother’s little helper during the afternoons when it’s too crazy to deal with here. Okay?
Uggg. So anyway, I’m off to chauffeur Palpatine to his next engagement that takes place right after his school day ends. Let’s hope he’s not suffering from his usual fit of distemper and all goes smoothly. But realistically, probably not.

He got along REALLY well with the goats. Must be the horns.



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They Call Me the Seeker

Thank you Pete T. My mission today was to knock out as much holiday shopping as I could manage while keeping the gifts interesting, thoughtful and proper for their intended recipients. This is why I found my self at no less than five stores in a span of two hours. I wanted to shake it up a little this year and I managed to keep the assorment of purchases eclectic and inexpensive but there were a few ends I needed to wrap up so I headed to Barnes and Noble. There I found great books on sale for the kids and for a few grownups as well. My final act before checking out was to find a helpful sales associate at the information kiosk to hold my hand and direct me to the shelf containing The Dangerous Book for Boys and the Dangerous Book for Girls. It took him a microsecond to navigate me through the stacks and locate both. He waxed poetic for a few minutes about what a great gift these books were and wanted to know if there was anything else he could help me find . “Well” I thought for a minute, “unless you have the dangerous book for babies, I think I’m all set.”
Uncomfortable silence.
“That’s not even funny.” was his reply.

I hate it when my jokes fail in this spectacular fashion. It also makes me think that someone needs to quickly get to work on that wildly inappropriate volume of dangerous activities for tots. Babies + heavy machinery = hilarity. Or not.


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Conundrum- Eat Lunch, Fold Laundry, or Do Battle With a Giant Spider?

Today I feel torn. Not only do I have to prepare for one of three Girl Scout meetings, this month, but I have to mentally brace my self to destroy Mt. Everest and Kilimanjaro (my nicknames for the clean and dirty laundry piles), find something to eat AND destroy the mutant arachnid that has taken up residency on my back porch. Because I can’t decide which to do first, I am choosing not to act on any of these options and have started typing on my computer instead. Since I arrested ,emotional development wise, at around fourteen years of age, I would be hard pressed to destroy the spider alone with out all sorts of screaming and theatrics going down, so that should wait until my husband returns. Lunch is looking less and less likely the longer I keep sitting at my makeshift desk and I’ve just decided that laundry can wait until tomorrow. Looks like the Girl Scout motto “be prepared!” has won. I’m off to find a worthwhile task for the girls.
You just wait spider, your time will come.

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