About Dufmanno

I am alive, I own a computer with internet access and I live in Washington, D.C.

Oh yeah, I am female.


32 responses to “About Dufmanno

  1. Hey, what’s your email address?

  2. This is the first time I’ve looked at this page, and I must admit, I’ve been reading your blog under the delusion that you were a zombie… Dang.

  3. I am just curious. Did you ever send that guy your email address? LOL.

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  5. michael freeman

    hey….im just a fan….

  6. Tom G.

    I’m bored. Can you come out and play?

    Seriously though, you really need to add some widgets or something so we can peruse the back catalog on days when you are too busy making Thanksgiving dinner to come comment on our blogs.

  7. Thanks for dropping in today and leaving me a comment. I’m not actually God, (you seemed confused about that) -if I’da known you’re a woman, and not Duffman’s (from The Simpsons) Italian cousin.

    Sorry to hear you took a thumping or three from the nuns when you were younger. (I was practicing ‘duck & cover’ myself at the time) They’re just perpetually backed up on account of the things the nunnery makes them live without, nun of this (penises), nun of that (touching other women/themselves). Rest assured, If I Were God (shameless plug) I would require nun on nun love. It’s all about love, baby. And a lot less kids would’ve got hit. Anyway, thanks for dropping in and hope you come again.

  8. Tom G.

    You need to add a Zazzle storefront to hock your merchandise. I’ve yet to sell one of these.


  9. dufmanno

    Yes, that one works. When they come out with woolly mammoth themed mugs be sure to put my face on that one too.
    I’m telling you that it’s only a matter of time before one comes flying down your street.

  10. Tom G.

    OK, I’ve decided you need to give this site a makeover. Mostly because I have a short attention span, and I’m tired of looking at the spine of those old books. I’m thinking a Wooly Mammoth theme, and I’m even willing to put it together for you. C’mon! What do you say?

  11. Tom G.

    OK, I warned you. You leave me no choice but to begin pulling up weeds, dusting off furniture, and posting new material on this blog. Since you are having trouble playing the game with the rest of us, I wrote you “Where I’m From”

    Where Dufmanno is from…

    She is from Pop Rocks, from knee socks, and ducking Dewars bottles thrown by Nana

    She is from a drafty colonial rooms, and chopping wood to heat the house. From ice skates carving graceful lines in the quiet morning.

    She is from knee socks, and Peter Pan blouses. From plaid skirts, and the tyranny of crazed nuns.

    She is from posters and album covers decorating her room. From sneaking into the city to see a show.

    She is from nonstop, stream of conscious conversations. From shrugs, and eye rolls, and a mile wide smile.

    She is from Andy, Gordon, and Stewart. From tube socks, nightclubs, Marshall stacks, and nights spent waiting outside the dressing room door.

    She is from the Hudson Valley Lights, and the Westchester Boomerang. From Godzilla and Rodan, and the Canary Island Mega-Tsunami.

    From meticulously lined garbage cans, mornings watching the naked shower guy, and the murmur of her rooftop neighbors complaining about her yard.

    She is from sweatshirts, dirty bathrooms, and three days without a shower. From terrorizing D.C. from behind the wheel of her Minivan.

    She is from Lord of the Flies with fur bikini’s, and razor sharp axes. From vanquishing her foes astride her War Mammoth

    She is from the coffee snorting comment, posted at the bottom of your blog post, a bundle of energy in a self deprecating sprite.

    From Ireland and Sicily, where bad things happen.

    • dufmanno

      Well shit, now I just feel guilty for not knowing myself as well as everyone else does. I’ll admit I toyed with this exercise but the truth is aside from a few cute phrases I couldn’t make it gel and I sounded like a bloated female version of the unibomber.
      And this, my friend, is why you wrote the book and I didn’t:)
      Oh and also I fancy myself more of a woodland creature than a sprite but now that I think about it, it fits….

  12. Christine

    Gosh, now I can’t remember where I saw your banner, but it led me here because the photo was so darned familiar. Catholic school plaid jumper, knobby knees, knee socks and 70s shoes? Do you have the full photo, by any chance? Wondering because those look to be the exact uniforms I wore, in that era, and I’m curious if the photo was from my school.

  13. Jen

    Hi Dufmanno!

    My nonprofit theater company, Lively Productions, has a project called Blogologues, in which we perform blog posts verbatim from the internet (read more at http://www.livelyproductions.org). We have an upcoming run of Blogologues in NYC in April and are interested in performing one of your posts (about blue jays!). Please contact us as soon as you can (jen@livelyproductions.org), and let’s chat about it!

    Thanks so much!
    Jen & Alli

    • Tom G.

      Hey? What the hell? You don’t post for months, and then suddenly you’re in an Off Broadway production? How does that work?

      I’m doing the internet all wrong.

  14. woman, why am l not getting updates on your new posts?

    • dufmanno

      Because I’m now blogging from an alternate reality where updates don’t exsist? I have no idea. Weird.

      • i mean… how can l subscribe here?

        • dufmanno

          I am horrified to say that i have no idea. I shall look into this matter and find an answer for you no matter what it takes!

      • Tom G.

        Go up to the top left corner of the page, in the WordPress header should be an option for “Follow”

        I think if you click that, WordPress automatically sends you a email the moment Kelly posts here. Which is at least once a month.

        This has been your daily IT tip. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to watching Dr. Who.

  15. Tom G.

    Just stopped by to see if your blog sustained any storm damage. Other than a wet wooly mammoth, everything looks good.

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