Big Things For Small People

Most of the these past few months were just inexplicably grandiose with a few shots of simply awesome thrown in there for good measure.

Things were happening, people.

Despite the fact that you would probably be hard pressed to come up with some proof within these corridors of me actually having and  properly caring for kids, that’s actually what I spend a majority of my time doing.

Yes, I write about how they nearly lost their private parts in a late summer mesh incident or how the Subway Sandwich lady (she’s still dishing it out) helps me parent in a more decisive and thoughtful manner, but there are a thousand tiny flag waving victories that I never bother to mention.

Like the fact that one is graduating eighth grade and moving on to a vulgarly priced but very wonderful high school, or the way that my sons have knocked it out of the park on a variety of fronts that make me proud.

Or how about that fifth trip to Disney we took? Now THAT was one for the history books. Not only did we have the pleasure of ten days within the magical walls of Walt Disney World but we also managed to make local news when my mother and son sat on a loaded pistol during our visit to Animal Kingdom and laughed uproariously that what we thought was a very realistic bb gun turned out to be real. This, after handing it over to a very befuddled and hard-working ride attendant on Dinosaur.  Bang bang muthafuckah. That cap in my ass my kids have threatened to leave there  for years after long runs of playing Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row, almost became a reality.

This year was hard. Granted,  it was *good* hard, but I made it through the schedules and the school functions, the sports, endless field trips, school application and acceptance stress, and one record time 95 South trip to the happiest place on earth- seriously I clocked myself coming in hot at the Disney World gates in under 14 hours!

Plus a dude playing another dude pretending to be yet another dude, who’s a friend of mine wrote a book! And other people moved, or had kids, got a divorce, raised a posse of monkeys and one even became a legit pimp. Not that last one, but everything else, yes.

So I’m back on the map after a crazy few months.

Viva Duffy!



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12 responses to “Big Things For Small People

  1. Welcome back. This gun, was it supposed to be here?

    • dufmanno

      No, sadly it fell out of the gun owners pocket as he was getting off and we sat our asses right on it.
      My mother was all “what IS this? Is it an extra seatbelt? Wait, it’s a cap gun!”
      Then she proceeded to put it in the front bin where you store your “items” ( shit you bought).
      She handed it to the very flustered ride attendant afterward as we rushed off to make our fast pass time for Expedition Everest. Priorities.

  2. I did one of those things!!! But yeah, I’m so glad you’re back. Also, your Vine posts are my trip to Disney, without the lines. Thank you.

    • dufmanno

      Disney was so awesome I almost don’t feel the phantom pains where all my money used to be:) I don’t even freaking care- Space Mountain!!! Booyah!

  3. Tom G.

    “a dude playing another dude pretending to be yet another dude”

    Why does this sentence make me feel like Julie Andrews in Victor-Victoria?

    • dufmanno

      I wanted you to sound like an incognito man of mystery who really needs his privacy- especially after penning a book.
      Next, rent a writing cabin with a spooky ghost and several man servants to fend off your ravenous literary following!

  4. your like the guy behind the guy. only cuter.

  5. 14 hours?! I bet you did it with style. No diaper.

  6. I don’t feel so bad now about falling off the writing wagon. I also feel a lot better about my parenting. I’m glad I read your writing again! Its been a long time for me checking in.

  7. For sure I’m gonna check my seat now before I park my ass anywhere!

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