You know you’ve been away too long when a simple misstep causes a comment you made elsewhere to show up as an actual post on your blog. I’m struggling to maintain a basic working knowledge of how NOT to hit the publish button if I’m not exactly sure where I am and what I am doing. Who am I kidding? I suppose the remedy to my dilemna would be simple regular postings, but first I apologize to all who read my Alice in Wonderland themed comment from another dimension and scratched their heads.



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12 responses to “Misfire

  1. It was gone when I tried to read it. I thought it was just the medicine kicking in.

    • dufmanno

      There clearly needs to be a set of drills and skills competitions in order for me to safely return to this blog and begin typing simple words again. I little set of three X’s with the message “access denied” should be the failsafe

  2. It could be a new game, sort. of a scavenger hunt – find where I said this

    • dufmanno

      I would be anxious and worried that no one would play. Like standing on the playground and screaming out “ok, who likes me and wants to play?” only to be met with absolute silence. Not even crickets. Shudder

  3. I thought someone had kidnapped you whilst in the midst of typing that post…it was all very surreal….but I liked it, because my head is like a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ALL the time…

    • dufmanno

      I kidnapped myself. I just emailed someone who responded with a ???? that I’m not sure of the level of stupidity needed to achieve something like this but I managed to get there.

    • dufmanno

      It was absolute jibberish and nonsense and it came about because I was in the wrong area while signed into my own blog. It came up looking like a comment box but was in fact a “quick post” option. Apparently these “bath salts” can sometimes confuse you and make you think you are somewhere that doesn’t actually exsist. I must stop taking them

  4. michael freeman

    I thought mybe you retired…You just dont care about your fans….

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