The List

Today was utterly magnificent. The sun shone, the air smelled like blooming flowers and at least four neighbors fired up their grills for the season.
I came dangerously close to beginning what could be considered “spring cleaning” when I ran across this list tucked into the side pocket of a scrapbook on my shelf.
My middle son made it three or four years ago and stapled it together, forgetting about its exsistence entirely.
So since today was a day that was spent primarily chasing other pursuits I’d like to post it to spread the impish glee that clearly went into making it.
I’ll interpret for you as his handwriting looked as if a crooked chicken with arthritic claws helped him get it on paper.

There is no way you can skydive while mommy is still alive

 Things I want to do before I die. 

1. hug Obama

2. kiss a dolphin

3. Go to top of Empire State building (take stairs)

4. punch Chuck Norris

5. Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop

6. Lean on the leaning tower of Pisa

7. See all USA state licence plates

8. collect all USA quarters

9. Sit in the back of a Nascar racecar during a race

10. drive a Zamboni

11. jump on a tempurpedic mattress and make a wine glass spill

12. fly on the zero gravity plane

13. SKYDIVE!!!!

14. sleep on the ground (outside)

15. sit on the roof of a moving car

16. make a wig of body hair

17. have 25 mice pets in one cage

18. get my name on a video game, billboard, book etc.

19. ride on an angry bull

20. pet a lion



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14 responses to “The List

  1. I love this list. Could I tag along when he does many of these things? I won’t mind being in the sandwich of an Obama hug. Ok, that sounds creepy considering this is your son’s list and not yours. Eh, how about WE both tag along and I will hug you, and you hug your son, and he hugs Obama?

    • dufmanno

      I love how it fluctuates back and forth between the completely insane and the mundane. Today I’ll pick a flower and THEN I’ll sprout wings and fly!
      Also, can I just say how choked up I got that he just wanted to give Obama a hug? We can all hug him together. As far as I’m concerned there is not one ounce of creepy in that!

  2. That is adorable, and as good of a bucket list as most adults could compose. My favorite has to be the therapeutic mattress one. You have got to save that and bring it out when he graduates as class valedictorian, and see how many he has already accomplished.

    • dufmanno

      I think that most of these are attainable but I’m not sure if Nascar vehicles have back seats. Anyone?
      Also, I’m crossing off “make a wig of body hair” before I hand it back because it smacks too heavily of “it puts the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again”

  3. Punch Chuck Norris…that really amused me. 25 mice…why 25? why not 24 or 26? hmmm….

    • dufmanno

      He picks weird random numbers. I guess 25 seemed like a good stab in the dark. Half of 50. A quarter of 100? I’m really reaching here.

  4. chuck duffy

    god he is funny

  5. The STAIRS to the top of the Empire State Building. Now that is insane. INSANE. Stop him.
    I’m rather intrigued by the wig of body hair. His body hair? I need details.

    • dufmanno

      I’m curious about that as well. I told him I’d be happy to let him pick through hairbrushes and in the shower drain.

  6. Your son is the best. Can we get the kids together somehow?

    • dufmanno

      Since my son seems to have no problem walking long distances or bounding up endless stairs I’ll point him toward you and have him start the journey on foot. You point your kids toward the east coast and I’m sure they will meet up!

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