Best Thing Ever

This satisfies my obsession with setting up meticulous case scenarios with my doll house miniatures and various Barbie life situations like “On the Road Again” and “Watch Doll House Lady Set a Mean Table For The Dinner Party”

It’s like Marwencol minus the terrible back story.
I can’t look away.

I hope Prescott pulls through!



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6 responses to “Best Thing Ever

  1. Tom G.

    It’s been a while since you treated us to the adventures of the Superheros and the Sex Monkeys. Get on that, stat!

    • dufmanno

      The Sex Monkeys are so sordid and foul compared to this lot. I just get warm inside when I look at his setups.

  2. So glad Prescott pulled through! Love the website. Tweeted & FBed! 🙂

    • Dufmanno

      I was all I could do not to stay on there all day looking at each photo for hours. Each one has so much detail I just ate it up. I noticed Jenny (the bloggess) commented over there as well so maybe with all our collective love he’ll write a
      Photo book and make millions.

  3. those sets, props, and players too cool! and the photos beyond crisp. thanks for sharing luvah girl.

  4. If science can clone the wooly mammoth from a 10000 year old piece of freezer burned mammoth meat, surely we have the technology to reanimate this blog.

    You know this is how neighborhoods decay. First you stop updating the blog, and before you know it property values are dropping and there’s a hooker standing on the corner. Well I for one am not going to sit idly by while you bring the interweb to ruin. I’ll start posting here myself if I have to.-

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