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16 responses to “Today In DC

  1. Tom G.

    Husker Du is playing a reunion show in Mount Pleasant!?!?

    What does this cryptic post mean? Stop taunting us!

    • dufmanno

      Wow, I wish.
      No actually this showcases exactly how simple of mind I am. Yesterday I was driving through the streets of historic Mount Pleasant (where I live) and drove by former Husker Du member Bob Mould.
      He looked to be in a hurry to get up to the main street so I didn’t corner him with my car and insist he do a number for me.

      • Tom G.

        An Uncle Bob Mould sighting! Cool!

        I’ve never seen him in the wild, although I have run into both Grant Hart and Greg Norton over the years.

        No I am not stalking them.


  2. dufmanno

    I like to call it “research” Henry Rollins, Stewart Copeland and others like to call it “restraining order”.

  3. But you didn’t stop at my house.

  4. I want a reason to stop by and see you….VERY SOON!

  5. I…. I don’t get it.

    • dufmanno

      It’s just me geeking out after seeing Bob Mould on the street. Although with my eyesight the way it is I could have made a terrible mistake.
      Perhaps I need to see my doctor about glasses before I accost someone who is not actually one of the glitterati.

  6. Heh… “mount”…. heh, heh.

  7. I think we should all Mount..Pleasant soon. Maybe a spring-y gathering. Ending with Sunday brunch……in drag, of course!!!

  8. you saw bob mould!!!! *bows down” we are not worthy.

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