Wretched Defiant and Fun

A big thank you to my photograpic assistant who rode shotgun for this trip


Passenger side drive by shot on U

Letting the kids take the reigns today.

This is their photographic contribution.



Filed under drives in and out of the city, kids contribution, occasionally i have to admit I have kids, when I can't measure up I pass the baton

19 responses to “Wretched Defiant and Fun

  1. Tom G.

    Impressive eye for photography. You should enroll them in some classes.

    If I gave the camera to my kids I’d get pictures of their butts.
    And the dogs.
    And the Dogs butt.

  2. Dude. Is Drag Brunch every Sunday? If so, get ready for a house guest. Tell NSG, too.

    • dufmanno

      We have two places that offer the most spectacular Sunday Drag Brunch on earth.
      Adams Morgan has Perry’s, home of the original drag extravaganza
      and now Nellies has it’s own that is gaining on it in popularity.
      NSG welcomes your prying eyes and you know you always have a place in this house.

      • Tom G.

        I wish I were comfortable enough with my sexuality to eat brunch in drag. Unfortunately, I have to draw the line at happy hour.

    • Save me a seat, would you luv?

      A good drag brunch is just a Sunday morning MUST.

  3. Drag brunch? I read Drug brunch, which would be quite a sight…how about Drug Drag Brunch hmmm

    • dufmanno

      What I can’t get over is how early these guys must have to get up on a Sunday morning to apply glitter glue and panty hose.

  4. yours is like a roving mini-van of artists. can i come?

    • dufmanno

      Absolutely! It smells like dog and sweatsocks but if you plug your nose it’s almost like riding in the back of a luxury tour bus.

  5. Next assignment: from within the Drag Brunch. I need to know.

    • dufmanno

      I’m on it.
      As difficult as it is for me to fall out of bed on a Sunday I will make this a priority.
      I’ve got to stop acting like a tree sloth.

  6. Oh. My. Gawd. I am on my way! I am sitting myself right in the middle of one (or both) of those drag brunches and making new friends!!! I love it!!! Better yet, I am just going to immediately open a restaurant in Louisville and start my own Sunday morning Drag Brunch! Hellz Yeah!

    • dufmanno

      Let me know when this takes place because I want an invite to the grand opening. I expect my brunch partner to be a fabulous cross between Patti LaBelle and Cher.

    • Shawn DO IT!

      Also, if you need to travel to DC just so you could observe the competition BEFORE your own Drag Buffet joint opens, let me know! Ever since Kelly told me about it, I’ve been dying to go!

      Are we allowed to go in in drag as well? I have always wanted to dress up as Annie Lennox….

  7. I think giving the camera to a child is a fantastic idea. Every parent if they could should try and do so. It helps you see the way they see things. It is simply amazing. There are several charity orgs that do just that.


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