Just A Quick Update…

Bitter cold and boredom breed a blank slate and sadly I’m the poor shmuck holding the empty notebook. Since this is the internet perhaps I should call it the wordless void of the vast white draft page?

Not really sure, don’t really care.

This week has seen a LOT of sickness over here in the Dufmanno household. Hacking coughs, terrifyingly high fevers, and rivers of mucus kept me busy mopping brows, administering large doses of antibiotic and ibuprofen and watching with a great deal of worry.

Now that we are seemingly out of the woods I’d like to return to my regularly scheduled programming as of 9:00 am tomorrow morning so consider this your warning shot across the bow.

This robot rules the kids shoe section at Nordstroms. At night he comes alive and kills people.



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25 responses to “Just A Quick Update…

  1. Wow. I always took you as the Amazonian type, turns out you actually WARN people before you storm the castle? My world has been rocked. But very happily. šŸ™‚

    And thanks for the Shoe Department Robot, I was reminded of one of most traumatic experiences from watching Twilight Zone… “The After Hours”

    I will be climbing 19 stories of stairs to get to my office because I have regressed and cannot get into an elevator again.

    Well played Polite Amazonian Princess, well played.

    • dufmanno

      I only warn the people I love:)
      That shoe department robot watches you while you browse the aisles oh and just like zombies, he has trouble negotiating stairs so you will be safe trekking up your nineteen stories.

  2. Thanks. I will now tuck myself into bed with an image of rivers of mucus in my head.
    I’m glad everyone is recovering, for our sake, as well as yours. The internet is quiet without you.

    • dufmanno

      This was sort of the Kali River Rapids of snot. The mucus was flowing so freely that not even a years supply of kleenex could have stemmed the onslaught.

  3. Tom G.

    Welcome back. We missed you. The interwebz is entirely too sane, and respectable without you.

    Does this Tin Man have an Ax?

  4. Gah! We’re on round 2 of strep throat in this household. If I had to choose a contagion, I’d pick strep anyway, just because once you’re on the rx, you start feeling better immediately. Too bad our pharmacy was crazy backed up with orders yesterday, and my daughter didn’t get her meds till last night. So we soldiered through a sleepless night as a result of sore throat and hacking cough. I’ll see you on the other side of the trenches!

    • dufmanno

      Strep is no walk in the park. I remember having it when I was in my twenties once and it nearly killed me.
      Glad your daughter is doing better.

  5. Welcome back. That’s my literary contribution for today.

    • dufmanno

      I feel the same way about quick and painless literary contributions this week. Thank you for the welcome back, and i promise the next thing I write won’t be as abrupt and soulless.

  6. Oh thank goodness. I was in the midst of a slow drip depression, only murmuring “everything has changed”. The Facebook hospital pic had me in serious rehab. Let them all know that I’m glad they feel better but to NEVER
    LET IT HAPPEN again. Hugs (with my permanently affixed surgical mask, of course)

    • dufmanno

      Don’t you love the surgical mask?
      It looked like a still from a backroom in a poorly lit eastern European abandoned medical facility!! I promise our hospital is really a fabulous establishment with bright lights and non zombie employees!
      Sorry to traumatize you, that damn hipstamatic app on the Iphone has a mind of it’s own.

  7. Death by cappuccino.

    I would swim a river of mucus for you.

    (Not really, but it sounded dramatic, right?)

    (Wait, not that you aren’t worth a mucus swim. I just think you couldn’t really swim in mucus. You know, viscosity issues.)

    (Also not entirely sure that’s the correct use of the word viscosity but I just wanted to try it out anyway.)

    (These are fun.)

    • dufmanno

      ((Parentheses)) oh ((Parentheses)) how you help us throw in a tanget.
      ((Parentheses)) oh ((Parentheses)) how would we use viscosity without you?
      ((Parentheses)) oh ((Parentheses)) I had no idea I was spelling you wrong all these years.
      ((Parentheses)) oh ((Parentheses)) help me stem the tears.

      That poem was for you Elly Lou.

  8. I’m with Elly. (In that I love rockin the parenthesis.) (They’re a great tool for making you seem like you MEANT to be random and flighty.) (Not that I don.t mean to be or that you are.) (I’ll stop now.)

    V pleased that the rivers have run dry and the antibiotics have been processed. I know well the snot flow and it is definitely not the way to spend a wekend. (Or a month.) (Sh*t, there I go again.)

    Welome back, sugar.

    – B x

  9. i’m jealous my nordstrom doesn’t have a robot. can we name him bernard benoit ballhands?

    hope you are all done with the nasty winter ills. fuck winter.

    • dufmanno

      Your Nordstrom does have a robot, it’s hiding.
      I’m done with the sick, I’m done with the snot, I’m done with cold.
      We need a tropical infusion. STAT.

  10. Did you know Daleks also cannot go up the stairs? Maybe they’re in cahoots with that evil looking robot. I bet he even kills people during the day when you least expect it.

    Sorry to hear about the river of mucus…hope it has run dry!

    I also haven’t been able to resume services on my blog as I’m going through a few changes in my life and will probably return in February…hoping too anyway, if no more drama happens in my life…bleh

    • dufmanno

      I keep a list of dangerous creatures, entities and possible undead or half dead things that can’t negotiate stairs. It will be helpful in the new world order I’m planning where I’ll be running my small country from the top floor of the Empire State Building after having destroyed the elevators.
      My only concern would be if the robots learn how to fly. Still working on that snag.
      Get back to work on that blog AND that book!

  11. I feel like I might get the ick just by being here with all of this talk of mucous.

    On a better note, do we get to hear your raspy Bea Arthur again this evening on Culture Brats?

    • dufmanno

      Raspy Bea Arthur was replaced by stuffy McStuffington.
      I had no tissues so I had to do an emergency nose blow into a sweatsock one of the kids had left right before we went live.
      I wish I was kidding.

  12. Is everyone in the world sick? Really, going through blogs tonight is like reading “Outbreak,” only without the monkeys.

    Do you have a monkey?

    • dufmanno

      I do have a monkey! He watches us when we sleep and I’m convinced it’s a tool of Satan but still my husband refuses to get rid of it.
      When he acts like a jerk I try to remember that he’s probably just doing the monkeys bidding.
      O.K. he doesn’t usually act like a jerk but when he doesn’t do as I SAY then the monkey is involved.
      freaking monkey.

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