26 responses to “Good Intentions

  1. Tom G.

    Huh? What?

    Oh, I thought for a moment that I had inadvertently clicked on http://www.peopleofwalmart.com

    Pajama wearing French Lesbians, Naked Shower Dudes, Houses that fall right the fuck off of themselves, no wonder your neighbors are moving to Tanzania.

    I’m glad we passed on getting the kids the DQ Blizzard maker, and Crayola Burn Factory, and opted instead to just buy them a still to make corn whiskey out back ‘o the shed. Keeps them off the porch while I’m cleaning the shotgun.

    • Does Duf have enough teeth to be on PeopleOfWalmart?

    • dufmanno

      I’ll be perfectly honest here and let you know that I’m not too far behind many of the folks who make the home page of People of Walmart. Between our crumbling infrastructure, bad hygiene, rabid dogs who run rampant in our yard and endless fashion faux pas I’m starting to worry about us.
      Well actually me. I’m a little worried about me.

  2. This IS a real post: inner struggle, personal growth and realization, international intrigue, a surprise ending, not to mention the accompanying photo making your readers smile and want more.

    • dufmanno

      I think agree with everything except the “personal growth” unless we can count holiday weight gain from too much fun with cookie dough. Hence the pajama pants.

  3. I’m having issues with “real” pants because I ate my weight in Bojangles cajun chicken biscuits while I was home. Want. More. Uh.

    • dufmanno

      Yum, cajun chicken biscuits.
      Real pants are overrated. They chafe and tug and pull and make my calves and thighs feel constricted and sad. No one wants sad calves.

  4. Ever notice that when we are young, we are willing to suffer more for fashion but the older we get, we slowly stop giving a shit and instead, prefer comfort?
    I vote for comfort and those look cosy plus I love the socks which match the flannel stripes, so you’re colour coordinated and that is fashionable 🙂

    • dufmanno

      I finally snapped out of it when I had to leave the house and see functioning human beings. I think it was caused by watching too many episodes of “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” on Discovery Health back to back.
      I had to do this as Oprah Winfrey is stealing the channel and changing it to the OWN network where she will begin her quest for world domination.

  5. I’m wearing jeans with white blotches sprinkled all over at the moment. Apparently a whole load of laundry got drenched in bleach, unbeknownst to moi. Whatever.

    Judging you? So not. In fact, I’m green with envy because of your socks. Their right out of the box-glistening-white. I can never achieve that kind of shine no matter how much Clorox I pour.

    • dufmanno

      Sadly, I stole these socks from my children because my Stewart Copeland striped tube socks remain in a position of respect and worship behind the glass encased nerve center of Police Central in my basement.

  6. Once, a friend of mine walked up to me. He seemed to be wearing pajamas to our coffee date at our university. I assumed he would no be so foolish and that they were merely pants disguised as pajamas. He said, “Do these pants look too much like pajamas? Because people have been looking at me, then my pants, then back at me with a confused or horrified expression all day.”

    Trying to be nice, I replied, “Oh, weird, I would never think those pants were anything other than pants!”

    I should have just told him. In other randomness, I bet you know more than one french lesbian, you just don’t know it.

    • dufmanno

      I think your friend was testing you and he probably scribbled your answer down in a book of “infractions against me” that he’s been keeping for a long time.
      It probably has things like “didn’t return phone call on the 29th” and “left me waiting at Port Authority for two hours while burly stranger rubbed my arm” written about everyone he’s ever known.
      The heading for that day was probably “Pajama Friend Honesty Experiment”.
      Anyway, I’d love if any or all of the French women I know would reveal themselves as lesbians as it would give me a much better base to work with when I conjure up these things.

  7. You and me, sister. I stayed in my pjs until 4 pm when I was forced to take my son to swimming practice in the building where I work. Damn. Ruined an otherwise perfectly good pajama day.

    • dufmanno

      The two hours I spent waiting for JV basketball to emerge from the gym were the only ones that saw me with real pants today. Next time I’m going rogue and just wearing the flannels.

  8. Well shit. I had a brilliant comment to leave and then I read “cajun chicken biscuits” all all coherent thought has gone out of my head and been replaced by a resounding “NOM!”

    F*ck me, not much makes me homesick, but cajun chicken and biscuits are three words which should never ever be spoken to (read by) somoene looking at a life of British “cuisine”.

    Anyway, good luck with the PJs. I must now eat something deep friend.

    – B x

    • dufmanno

      I feel like we need to pool our resources and figure out a way to ship hot cajun chicken biscuits directly to your door and have them fed to you by a greased up muscular American hero.
      Hope the deep fried food stuffs give you comfort in this time of need.

      • Um…loving the plan, sweet cheeks, but could you send it via Madrid and grease up a Flamenco dancer with clean hair and good teeth? (It’ll be tricky, but they do exist and HE is clearly what will comfort me in these dark days.)

        My gratitude, as ever.

        – B x

  9. what the hell are “real pants”?

    • dufmanno

      “Real pants” are defined by their lack of rips, no dangling patches of fabric that blow in the wind and create a “breeze” , not consisting of flannel with patterns of duckies, decorative stripes or polka dots and they usually don’t have a drawstring or elastic waistband that’s comfortable for sleeping.
      However, I will say that I’ve relaxed the rule on drawstring or elastic as I found that many real pants do use these things well.
      My problem is clearly that my striped flannel pajama bottoms have become daywear and that I found myself at the 18th street diner yesterday at 4:30 pm eating breakfast and dreaming of the moment I could cast off my rough tight jeans and ease into my soft well worn pj’s.
      I need an intervention.

  10. You’re too hard on yourself maybe. But, not that I didn’t do it yesterday, doesn’t it bother you wearing pajamas after 8:00 am? Ripped or not, pants are essential save during intimate times, when reverse rules apply. But to make you feel better I wore pajamas until bedtime yesterday and there is a pitbull in the house and I called my son a “prick” while playing Lego Star Wars yesterday.

  11. you look postively ravishing and coordinated for a slacker. my torn black yoga pants got more play than lilo’s crotch in the past 10 days. and never once a good douching. (that was just me trying to keep with the french lesbian theme.)

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