This Post Is Just Me Babbling So Don’t Read It.

these are essentially zhu zhu pets dressed in battle gear and remarked as ninjas. Now I have three plus a vehicle

The good news about the holiday season is that it favors the lazy writer.

No one has time to stop and read your drivel so you reason to yourself that you should probably stop churning it out long enough to give people a break from the ceaseless onslaught of junk.

The creative gears have started to sputter and will eventually grind to a halt by the 24th when I know I will be running around in frenzy trying to tie up all the loose ends caused by an entire year of procrastination and bad choices.

Soon we’ll see the last year of an odd decade expire and I’ll sit around and wonder where the hell my life went because it seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye.

I’ve grown to dread the quick-moving dials on every clock in my life. My kids are growing up far too quickly and those lines on my face are becoming more deeply etched with every passing day.

But let’s not forget the little things that brighten our days like uninhibited neighbors who shower in full view of the entire block and houses that just fall right the fuck off of themselves.
So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m thankful for more good times than bad no matter how fast-moving they may be.

Merry Christmas!



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18 responses to “This Post Is Just Me Babbling So Don’t Read It.

  1. I see the title as a dare. TAKE THAT!

    We got a lot of Zhu Zhu pets in the living room right now. Do you want more?!

    I heard that there will be snow. For the love of Zhu Zhu ninjas, I am praying that we can still get together and terrorize DC!

    • dufmanno

      looks like the killer snow may be a non event by tomorrow (monday) if you are still here, email me your coordinates and time frames so I can parachute in and we can giggle and go weird places together.

  2. Careful, make sure they are all female. Those Zhu-zhu Ninja’s breed like tribbles.

  3. Ry Sal

    Don’t you have to throw water on the Zhu-Zhus to make them multiply? And, off the topic, but saying Zhu-Zhu only reminds me of Zhu-Zhus petals in Its a Wonderful Life…. Which is totally appropriate.

    • dufmanno

      I JUST watched that movie!
      Anyway , they rolled under the tree and got hair stuck in their wheels after fifteen seconds of play so we’ve been performing hamster surgery since yesterday morning.
      Live damn you , LIVE!!

      • If you end up performing mouth-to-inanimate-small-robotic-mammal-mouth, I demand a video.

        Also, just in case they don’t make it, I have a stuffed animal in need of organ donation.

  4. I thought it was only Foofy Birds that multiply when you get them wet? At least that’s what the Nuns told us.

  5. Love the Zhu Zhu pets. Did you really think you’d get away with us not reading something that says “Don’t read it”? Made me want to read it more, then again, maybe you were using reverse pyschology in which case it worked lol.
    Is Xmas over yet? I think it is, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at Freshly Pressed, it is enough to give someone like Scrooge panic attacks.

    • dufmanno

      I’m done with the holiday now. The exhaustion has finally hit me like a MAC truck and now I’m staring blankly at my dining room wall with my duckie pajamas on.

  6. I say, throw out all the batteries!!!! That’ll certainly stop time for you.

    • dufmanno

      My mother was kind enough to bring a fourteen year supply of AAA and AA batteries so that when the world ends and we are all dead, the Zhu Zhu pets and the clocks will still be working.

  7. I didn’t kill any one over christmas. And the only reason I got a bloody nose was because I blew it too hard. So I consider mine to be a raging success.

    Merry Christmas Dufmanno!

    • dufmanno

      Merry Christmas! There were also no casualties here in the Dufmanno household , although I thought I might be close to snapping when it was pointed out to me that Santa would hate our guts if we didn’t bake cookies at 7pm on Christmas Eve.
      I ate seven and left two for the fat man.

      • We have four kids and I think they each have three Kung Zhus now. My daughter turned hers on and held it up to my head. I’m bald now.
        I’m going to to set them all loose in the bathroom and let them pick up all the hair off the floor.
        Merry Christmas

  8. hey zhu zhu ninja – i like that party mask. you must come to my NYE party. must, i say!

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