Screaming Merry Christmas Into the Gaping Void

Watch me distract you with this hipstamatic photo of my chrismas tree.

Oh hello there.

I’ve been busy reading all the posts by other people who use their powers for good instead of evil and I’ve come back here to punch myself in the face.


This week The Bloggess and Elly and everyone else I’d like to measure up to  but will never come close, got out there and spread the Christmas cheer by helping people who needed a hand and informing us of causes that could use our attention.

So here’s me telling you to go over there and see what goodness in action looks like.



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26 responses to “Screaming Merry Christmas Into the Gaping Void

  1. i share your guilt. when i saw what the bloggess and bugginword had done, i wanted to stab the shit out of my self-absorbed posts. me me me. meaningless gibberish and b-o-r-i-n-g.

    i like what you’re doing with that hipstamatic app, girl!

  2. Someone just used my name in the same sentence as The Bloggess without the words “restraining order.” It’s a Christmas miracle!

  3. I haven’t even mentioned the word Xmas in any of my posts, I can’t even be bothered to spell out the word, for me, its Xmas and my kind of Xmas is like that film A Nightmare Before Christmas, where the spooks scare the children…yesss mwah hah hah. (I know, I’m going to hell, as I told a born again ex-friend of mine who toldme I was going to hell: “fine, we’ll all have a party there without you”) Signed: Yours evilly

    • dufmanno

      You should come listen to our super fiery elderly priest who likes to talk about hellfires for “the prostitutes and tax collectors” okay, actually the young one was talking about the prostitutes but the old one told me my child might need an exorcism.
      Still, my kids came home all stoked that “Father said PROSTITUTE!!!” Good times.

  4. I read many blogs in the course of a day, and I must say yours stands out because of its energy and style. I hope you enjoy you r blog because I want you to keep writing.

    • dufmanno

      Thank you! That’s awfully nice of you to say but the BLoggess and Elly really did rock the house when it came to spreading the love. Both those gals really float my boat!

  5. Tom G.

    Hey, it’s snowing here! It’s a Christmas miracle!

    As for your Christmas guilt, Pffft! I say PFFFFTTT!!!!!!!

    We can’t all be Mother Theresa. Some of us have to be whiny and self absorbed potty mouths to make the Elly’s and Bloggess’ stars shine all the brighter.

    Besides, you spread ample amounts of Christmas cheer last Friday with your 12 Days of Christmas Porn. That filled a glaring hole in the pantheon of Christmas Carols. Finally the naughty kids have something besides “Jingle Bells, Santa Smells…” to sing when they go out caroling.

    • dufmanno

      You know Tom, I finished up the twelve days of Christmas ,the Bob Guccione edition and I felt like I’d befouled a classic.
      Never mind the foofy bird in a pear tree.

      • Tom G.

        Just tell the crabby old priest that the Twitter made you do it. He’ll totally understand. The Interwebz are the work of the Devil, that’s why they don’t have an online confession APP for the iPhone.

  6. Hey, stay away from your face! That pretty thing is now in the possession of the Commune. We need it for the Moonlight Goddess Orgy on the Dufmanno Island.

    WOW. I didn’t realize the snowball over at The Bloggess has gotten even bigger! We all help in our own ways.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Gorgeous!

  7. It’s like Elly is the baby Jesus in the manger and you’re the shining north star guiding the wise men to Bethlehem, or Hoboken, or whatever.
    I’m the donkey. Not the donkey that carried Mary. Just a random prop in the background of the nativity scene. With a chipped ear and sticky candy cane goo from three Christmases ago.

    • Tom G.

      Can I be the Shepperd? I always wanted to wear one of those towels over my head, and hold the big staff shaped like a candy cane!

    • I wish they made that donkey for our nativity set!

    • Baby Jesus? That means I’ve got a penis now, right? I can’t wait for it to snow so I can write “Elly heart’s Dufmanno” in the snow in an homage to Tom G’s artistry.

    • dufmanno

      I remember a story about the moon and the rivers turning to blood and some sort of plague that would involve an insect I’m not too fond of but I’m not sure.
      I guess I should have paid attention more during those twelve years of religion classes. Figures.
      p.s. I think all donkeys have to have a chipped ear to even be considered for the nativity scene.

  8. Ry Sal

    Aren’t they the best? Referring to Elly, Lin & Bloggess… Not Fred, the donkey OR the crabby old priest. My current guilt wavers between doing what I can to help others as long as it means I can stay on my couch and the fact that I apparently missed mulled wine and a trip to Dufmano Island…

    • dufmanno

      I’ve not set sail for my tropical island paradise so you didn’t miss it yet. I will say that it would have been great if Marlon Brando was still with us because no hedonistic island endeavor is complete without his grass skirt and mardarin orange shenanigans.

  9. My goodness ended at making a list of things I wanted. Go me. Seriously though, as 30 Rock reminded us, laughter is an important gift, Tracey, and it is what you have to give.

    Sorry, I slipped into character there for a minute. The point is, my head is round, like a weeble wobble’s, which will wobble, but not fall down. Or maybe that isn’t the point.

    Then there is the Viking ship coming to take us to Dufmanno Island, with an English accented Johnny Depp as it’s Master and Commander. *swoon* He has us on a tight SCHEDULE!!!
    I have no idea from whence I came. I shall now try to find my way back there anyway. It’s all good, my Vibrant has a flashlight app.

    • dufmanno

      Did you sleep at all last night? I left the wheel house of the ship at around 2 am and you were still out and about . Now I’m noticing this was left at 5:55am which means that even if you did slumber it wasn’t a long bout.
      We need to party together.

  10. I’m parading around in my new miu miu shoes and thinking I did something nice by allowing that one girl to buy a Dawson Creek box set. See, charity starts with an overpriced pair of stipper heels you know.

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