Who Knew?

Today I’m jammed up with practices, carpooling and shifting all parental responsibility for the weekend directly to my willing mother but I thought I’d share a little something with you before slinking back into the cave I crawled out of.

For the past two weeks Netflix streaming has put ALL of the Woody Allen catalog on Watch Instantly which means I’ve been greedily doing two per night sometimes three.

Hannah and Her Sisters, Interiors, Stardust Memories, Manhattan, Radio Days, Alice, The Purple Rose of Cairo, I just can’t get enough.

Strangely enough, someone told me that the biological offspring of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen (and a big part of their old trial and custody dispute) is now some sort of special advisor on humanitarian and NGO affairs at the State Department.

I looked closer at his resume and found out he entered college at 11 years old and was accepted to Yale Law at 16.

Oh also, he looks like this?

Who knew Woody had it in him?


Oh gosh, I almost forgot! I’m over at Culture Brats today too. I like pie.



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13 responses to “Who Knew?

  1. wOOt! i have a lady woody looking at him.

  2. Much like Cecilia in Purple Rose of Cairo, I have a hard time separating movies from reality, so in my mind this is Rosemary’s baby and that’s why he’s all smart and handsome. Cause he’s the spawn of Satan – not Woody Allen.

    • dufmanno

      For me the line is blurry as well. Not fuzzy enough to cause a Tom Baxter to come off the movie screen and go on a laugh filled romp through town with me but fuzzy nonetheless.
      He’s got some not so nice things to day about Daddy Dearest but I guess that’s to be expected.
      Still I LOVE me some Woody Allen movies

  3. Where did he get those lips??!! Ok, one of the things that drove this crazy playwright August Strindberg even nuttier was his conviction that MEN would never be able to be sure that the children were really theirs. (Well, that’s before DNA testing etc.) So… what I am trying to say is… MAYBE…

    I did not know Mia Farrow has it in her. 😉

    • dufmanno

      He is nearly the spitting image of Fletcher Previn who is his stepbrother but who also looks exactly like Mia when she was young.
      Don’t forget they come from that long line of O’Sullivan genes so they have some interesting genetic backrounds and phenomenal bone structure.

  4. Agatha82

    Oh my, he is pretty…

    • dufmanno

      I know. Smart too. It’s not really fair but I gave up hating people with too much going for them a few years ago. It was eating away my insides

  5. Please tell me you rewind the part with Mia and the ukulele over and over again and I’m not the only one!

  6. Tom G.

    So what you’re saying is that unless my daughter skips directly from 5th grade to an Ivy League School, my genes aren’t as good as Woody’s?

    • dufmanno

      I don’t understand exactly how someone can be this smart unless that Mia Farrow just made all this shit up and hired an actor with a padded resume in brilliant relatiation for the Sun Yi debacle.

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