This morning I feel foul.

Or like my husband put it “I feel like I was poisoned.”

Contrary to what you might think we were not out last night drinking with wild abandon at the 9:30 club. As a matter of fact we had as  much soda as we did beer.

It was the late hour coupled with a long week, topped off with a 2:30 a.m. kitchen raid that had us both eating pizza that should never have even been up for consideration.

So I had a thousand things to tell you about, like the fact that someone let me near a celebrity without a police escort and a muzzle and this was the result.

I wept openly about the death of Bob Guccione and his contribution to society and tried desperately to finish a post about three DC clubs.

All of this will have to wait for next week though as I am wolfing down soda and M & M ‘s in a desperate attempt to mak it to the weekend!



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29 responses to “Friday

  1. Tom G.

    I just finished the 10 oz. bag of Almond M&M’s this morning. Throw in the pot of coffee I drank, and I felt like a Hummingbird all morning.

    Now I feel like I want to throw up.

    PS – Corey Freakin Feldman! Holy Crap! He is like 80’s Pop Culture Royalty! Only Rob Lowe, Ralph Machio or Molly Ringwald could top that!

    • dufmanno

      I KNOW right? Why they let a loose cannon like myself near this is beyond me, but he was really nice and thankfully full of enough words to keep my odd and strangely phrased inquiries to a minimum.
      I sound like a really loud combination of Mercedes Ruehl and a howler monkey on the tape. They should make me take a valium before I do these things.

  2. The guy in front of the camera was really banging his head. I was so worried that at the end of the vid, his head would have fallen off!

    • dufmanno

      I have another song where he does this insane clapping for the whole two minutes. I can only hope he reaches internet celebrity as “clapping guy!”

  3. Tom G.

    OK, God help me but I just opened the 12 oz. bag of Peanut Butter M&M’s that has been calling to me all afternoon like a siren. DAMN TARGET AND THEIR SALES! DAMN THEM TO HELL!

  4. I am not a kid anymore. I know this because I went to an all ages show at the 09:30 club. The kids were all wearing earplugs. I was not.

    Two kids made fun of me over a band called Neutral Milk Hotel. Another kid stepped on my foot 11 times.

    • Tom G.

      You still did better than me. While you guys were in the 9:30 club, I was in bed at 9:30 last night.

      What was their issue with Neutral Milk Hotel? Don’t tell me that they are an oldies band too now. I feel old enough realizing that it’s been 15 years since Alien Lanes was released.

      • dufmanno

        I think the problem was more that it was an all ages show where I could have essentially given birth to a few of them two times during my long life.
        Hat and pseudo intellectual fake glasses wearing guy on my left nearly knocked me over several times until I explained that he was invading my space with a loving but firm shove.

      • Tom G.

        The funny part is I can remember being at shows 20 years ago, and seeing 40 year old’s in the bar thinking “Wow. How sad their lives must be.”

        I hope you planted your foot in their ass for me. Damn kids.

      • The issue – Kid A saw an awesome Neutral Milk Hotel tee shirt and screamed at kid B to check it out. I smiled. They asked me if I knew the band. I said yes, I actually know what you are talking about. They both started laughing.

        Youth is wasted on the young.

  5. Agatha82

    I have the DVD to the Lost Boys next to me, and I was just going to go watch it….spooookyville!

    Next thing I know, I’ll meet a real vampire…er…just heard a noise downstairs…better go check it out 😉

    • dufmanno

      Have you learned nothing from the excessive body count in horror films?
      Don’t go in that room.
      Don’t go see what that sound was.
      Never peek around the corner when an ax wielding maniac is stalking you.

      • Agatha82

        It’s okay, it was only the retarded cat from downstairs instead. (One day, I will take its photo, its tongue is always sticking out, maybe it’s a druggie cat and not retarded…hmmm)

  6. You need carbs. Lots of carbs. And drinks. Lots of drinks.

    • dufmanno

      I’m getting ready to sip a glass of wine as soon as I escape the iron claws of my overbearing mother and drive at high speeds back to Washington DC.

  7. I got claustrophobic just watching that video. I feel so old.

    • dufmanno

      It may be hard to spot them but the audience actually consisted of quite a few “older” people. The die hards were right up front with us but as I looked out over the crowd in the balconies and back by the bar the average age began to climb steadily.
      I chuckle to myself since the guys in GBV aren’t exactly young.

  8. AH! I want to be there RIGHT NOW! Prolly cuz I’m drunk? But still . . . .

    • dufmanno

      They are still touring if you want to catch them live. Don’t get too drunk in case you need chastise a few unruly hooligans and their tragically hip friends.

  9. last night I ingested a ridiculous amount of popcorn combined with a even more ridiculous amount of Bourbon. I thought we had thunderstorms, but it was actually my stomach.
    I woke up (did I sleep?) having evil thoughts about killing anyone talking to me…

  10. We really must get together. Like, move closer to one another. I have to go to shows with people who are half my age. Which is fine, except the whole “odd looks” thing. Seriously, why can no one go to a show then get up and function the next morning??? Gah??!! Looked like an absolute blast.

  11. we’re going on tour! wicked shawn, buggin word, herbert, the notorious clapper big-E, me, you, bubbly … and we’re going to take turns blogging about our adventures 24/7. we’re going to stick it to the hipsters in video/photo blogs and make them look like fuddy duddies. we’re going to rock on down to electric avenue! you in?

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