Birthday Wishes and Caviar Dreams

This is how I spent my birthday.

I decided in lieu of sugar infused cakes and half-hearted attempts at gift giving I would request something meaningful and specific by way of my blog from my husband. And I’ll be damned if it didn’t work like a charm.

Billy Bragg and Darren Hanlon at the 9:30 club.

Because I’m such a rank amateur my camera was confiscated at the door but some devilishly clever concertgoers snuck in their flip video recorder and captured one of the most riveting moments of the entire night.

It’s good to know that somewhere out in the world there are still fantastic musicians touring the country playing to large crowds and bringing great joy to sad broken-down former groupies like myself.

The criminal grist perpetrated on society by the  talentless Spears and Ke$ha’s of the world seems a little less heinous when tempered with nights like this….



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23 responses to “Birthday Wishes and Caviar Dreams

  1. Agatha82

    Cool and the 9:30 club…I’ve heard of it because once, many moons ago, my beloved Bauhaus played there, back in the 80s (don’t ask me how or why I know this, I’m a nerd with gig history about them)

    Thank god there are actually talented real musicians out there still instead of the talenteless bimbos you named.

    • dufmanno

      If and when you are here I HIGHLY recommend both the 9:30 & the Black Cat.
      I’ll always be a live music junkie if only for that one time you arrive and discover someone who you never heard of before that moment who instantly blows you over.
      That Darren Hanlon kid floored everyone in the place including me. If it hadn’t been THE Billy Bragg going on next I might have considered leaving after Darren’s set.

  2. Agatha82

    Oh and I meant to say: Happy Birthday!

  3. Tom G.

    Hot damn, I’m jealous. I’ve got to go see if he’s coming to Minneapolis now.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday.

    • dufmanno

      The 9:30 Club show was the last night of the tour but Darren Hanlon is going to continue through the states for a few months. He’s worth looking up and trying to catch live.
      I don’t say that about many people.

  4. Tom G.

    Awesome video. Brings back memories. “New Spell” got me through the worst break up in my life. Ah, such bittersweet memories.


    I’m getting old.

    • dufmanno

      We’re one step closer to the grave than we were last year but that version of “New Spell” transported us back to those emotion soaked years of our youth when everything was SO overwhelming and important.

  5. dufmanno

    It’s ALL important.

  6. Happy birthday again and again and again love. So glad you got the awesome birthday present and that you had a blast!

  7. fanfuckingtastic! god, i love his voice. your hubby deserves some major sugar for that birthday celebration.

    • dufmanno

      I know. Wishing someone had caught “Sexuality” and “New England” on their flip cam since the audience BELTED out the words on the latter.
      Hubby is going to get major sugar.

  8. Ke$ha is ass on a stick. I miss albums. I’m a crotchety old curmudgeon apparently.

  9. dufmanno

    I remain befuddled over ke$ha’s popularity. Ass on a stick is an apt description actually. Ass on a stick wrapped in dirty plastic tarps coated with aged blue cheese.
    Wait, I like blue cheese. Nevermind.

  10. Most excellent!! Can’t believe they took your camera. What the hell do you think you have a vagina for, woman??? Anyway, so happy you had a great time! Checking for Darren now!

    • dufmanno

      Someone with a vagina confiscated it. I tried to bat my eyelashes and pout beguilingly but my Catholic guilt took over & I handed it in like a Playboy magazine at a religious retreat.

  11. Ry Sal

    Dammit! I leave the Internet for a few days and THIS is what I miss!


    Happy belated!!

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