Van Gogh Says

No need to remind me about how we ALL feel about puppets. Unnerving, sneaky, and hell-bent on the kind of revenge that only clowns and mimes currently enjoy. 

Today however, I’d like to introduce you to the only felt man  who has ever been welcome in our home. 

Hello I'm Vincent! I may only have one ear but I'm a great listener.

This is Vincent. He came to life one day as we sat here constructing him with our own hands for a school presentation on “a famous artist” .
Lately he’s been sitting next to me whispering advice, telling me home truths about the Joaquin Phoenix pseudo documentary and the whereabouts of a questionably alive Andy Kaufman.
So while the “keep puppets under lock and key” rule still holds steady in most cases,  my resolve with regards to this little guy is starting to wane.



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18 responses to “Van Gogh Says

  1. Don’t listen to the Felt Man! He’s evil! Can’t you see the resemblence to the evil Zuni doll?

    Quick get out of the house now!

  2. I put a twist on the ole sock puppet.

    Draw faces on a condom, and put a shoebox on my lap, and put on a cock puppet show.

    Geez, that sounds why more retarded than it is.

    • dufmanno

      Keep in mind that we were working with safety scissors and school paste here so his eyebrows weren’t exactly as Van Gogh would have liked. I really tried to go for the authenticity with the hacked off ear.

  3. I love how you invoked Henri Matisse to construct Van Gogh’s alter ego esp. since Matisse was heavily influenced by Van Gogh.

    So deep… 😉

  4. Agatha82

    He’s not scary at all, but some puppets are…shivers but it’s the clowns that freak me out AHHHHH!!!

    • dufmanno

      My mom put a neon painting that was done on black velvet in my room when I was little. Even worse? It was a portrait of a sad weeping clown who was ascending into the clouds after dying.
      What. The. Fuck.
      She explained the story behind this “famous” clown who had recently died and how important he had been and all I could think about was how he would probably stop to collect my soul before reversing course and heading straight for hell.

  5. You know I love all things muppet so I’ll let the whole first part of that post slide. But…I can’t help but think that Vincent is the love child of Alfred Molina and Ernie from Sesame Street.

    • dufmanno

      Muppets ARE NOT puppets. Anyone from Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and occasionally Fraggle Rock and Bear in the Big Blue House gets a pass on the creepy puppet moniker. They inspire joy, deliver great one liners and teach small morons to read.
      The fact that you invoked brilliant character actor Alfred Molina and mated him with Ernie makes me smile.

  6. He definitely looks like the creators of South Park got ahold of the plans for “How to Create Your Own Ernie” which really just makes me love him. Yes, I do realize how mature this comment makes me sound.

    • dufmanno

      I don’t know, are you immature for talking about Ernie? OR, am I immature for walking around with a felt replica of a dead artist on my right hand while making him communicate with my kids? It’s also fun to make him wallow in a pit of his own despair every time he’s disappointed.

      • I was really going with the combination of my fondness for South Park and Ernie. Which does make me uber mature. I balance it out by immediately changing the channel and watching the history channel…….to fall asleep. Yeah. I’m awesome! In a very grown up sort of way. In response to his temperament, he’s an artist, of course he wallows in despair, it’s what artists do. He should hit a drug or alcoholic phase soon, where you soak the felt in liquor, so he smells like an artist on the way to his demise. Yes?

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  8. what! i love vincent. i want one. will you make me a violet? i’d like her to have both of her ears and a pink flowery felt vagina.

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