Moving The Goalposts

I’m sure you thought you were about to get some meaningful argument about why raising the bar with changed expectations after the original parameters have been set is not only wrong but super MEAN. Redefining success after attempts have been made to reach for it just defeats everyone.

Good grammar took a vacation on that last one.

Yeah, well that will teach you to expect some sort of high falutin crazy talk from me. Sorry folks, I’m nowhere near that deep. *Billy Bragg* is playing the 9:30 club on my birthday and I’d really like to see him live, that’s all.

*For those not familiar with Billy Bragg, Moving the Goalposts is a wonderful little tune he wrote*

It’s time to stop now, because I went and blew my load over at BugginWord today. I’m sort of subletting her place while she cavorts down at the beach, plus now that I’m a squatter (also considered a tenant in DC) I get the right of first refusal when she tries to sell, potentially binding her in endless years of red tape and destroyed dreams.

*photo credit Montreal Mirror*



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17 responses to “Moving The Goalposts

  1. I’m a lot of confused and a little of defeated.

  2. love billy bragg! can i come celebrate your birthday with you and take you? “mermaid avenue” (with wilco) is one of my favorite albums of ALL TIME. and “accident waiting to happen” is one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME.

    and i’m fucking old so making my ALL TIME list is pretty much epic.

    • dufmanno

      YES! You, me, Billy Brag and lots of sweaty people. You’re not old, those are on my lists as well, although hubby is a much bigger Wilco fan than I am:)

  3. Now I have to check out Billy Bragg and see who he is and look up both your song and the one pattypunker likes. Awesome, because I have free time. The things I do. Yet I will go do it because I love you people, and I love music. Le’sigh. When is your birthday?

    • dufmanno

      September 19th!! Billy Bragg is great so when you have free time give him a listen.
      I also just found out that the Pixies are playing in Philly the SAME day I’m being dragged to see Lady Ga Ga by my daughter. (September 7th).
      I’m thinking of hiring a babysitter to take my place so I can slink away and have my skin peeled off by some blistering guitar work.

  4. Thanks for shooting your load all over my face. I liked it.

  5. Billy Bragg :

    Your tickets will arrive at your billing address in a plain, unmarked white envelope within 10 business days of your order placement. US/Canada only; International shipping not available.

    Please Note: No refunds or exchanges are permitted.

    Additional Information:
    Item Quantity Price

    9:30 Club
    Sun, September 19, 2010 7:00 PM

    Service Fee per ticket

    2 x $nn.nn

  6. Angel

    Please don’t hate me but – who is Billy Bragg?

    • dufmanno

      Oh my… pull up a chair and let’s talk.
      Now I feel REALLY old.
      I would suggest taking a listen to Don’t Try This at Home and Talking With the Taxman About Poetry.

  7. So, I’m all distracted by invoking mention of BugginWord in conjunction with the word “squatting.”

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  9. Tom G.

    I saw him live at the Boulder Theater in 1992. Great show.

    Talking with the Taxman About Poetry is in my all time Top 5. Part of the soundtrack of my life…

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