We’ll Make It Up As We Go Along


Today I’m supposed to miraculously appear in three place within the window of one hour so I’m finding myself taking deep breaths and continuously repeating the phrase “where do you belong?” just to make sure I’m on track.

It’s easy to understand why anti anxiety meds would be beneficial at this juncture to prevent my head from walking right off my shoulders and exploding in the corner .

The whole gang is in transit as I write this in my mind but as soon as we get to stop #1 I am considering authorizing the youngest childs expulsion from the itinerary. The song he is singing about “woodchuck penis” just won’t fly during brunch.

Someone is trying to talk me into extending this bizarre traveling circus for an hour or two by adding a fourth place they would like us to be today, but I’m closing the curtain on this performance for good.

Our little troupe of acrobats and high fliers are burnt out and they need a well deserved rest. Their leader has long forgotten paperwork and important documents piling up in skyscraper type mounds that threaten to fall over and become hopelessly out-of-order. That woman really needs to get it together.

Soon, close friends will be boarding planes for trans Atlantic flights, we will be shaking hands with strangers and welcoming them to DC and suitcases will be zipped up and thrown in the back of cars for yet another road trip.



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6 responses to “We’ll Make It Up As We Go Along

  1. Kids sure know how to ruin a perfectly good road trip.

    • dufmanno

      At least this time we remained in DC and today I made up for it by actually sleeping until 10:15. That’s right, god’s of slumber, ten freaking FIFTEEN!
      I feel like a dirty, lazy girl.

  2. Waiting patiently for my 45 of “woodchuck penis.”

    • dufmanno

      This one was actually a collaborative effort with his older brother so I’m worried about creative tension in the studio.
      I’ll keep you updated…..

  3. what! woodchuck penis is my favorite brunch song. can’t wait to meet you – we’re going to make it up as we go along alright!

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