This Is My Life

One hamburger off the grill. Served with love.

Greetings from the sandy shores of Sandbridge!

Right now I’m bent over sideways on my balcony to suck up all the internet connectivity humanly possible since service for my iPhone among other things has been spotty at  best during our stay here but my cramped neck and twisted spine shouldn’t be a cause for concern as I’ve got two  bottles of wine and all evening to kill them.

Holy run on sentence. How to write well clearly not an influence on that last one.

My husband and oldest son are grilling marinated meats while the rest of my extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) are rocking the pasta with marinara from an ancient Sicilian recipe passed down from the decidedly more violent side of the family.

I’ve handcrafted  a miniature Stonehenge with a Jenga knock off game called “Timber” and my shoulders have come down from around my ears as the stress ebbs away.

Sand, surf and seagulls for a few more days and then  back to my regular grind…I promise.

waiting for the perfect wave while mom drinks wine



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14 responses to “This Is My Life

  1. Ry Sal

    Well AMEN well deserved! Enjoy!

    • dufmanno

      Thanks, we are wrapping up right now as it’s our last day. I’m thinking that if I hold on to the door frame screaming in protest someone might take pity on me and offer me another week. It’s worth a shot.

  2. Don’t you people know that their are SHARKS in the water.

    GOD, why do you all keep going to the beach.

    • dufmanno

      Don’t worry, we watch Shark Week religiously and have the kids participate in exhasuting drills.
      THey each carry an axe and a screwdriver in a small utility belt on the side of their suits and they know exactly how to go for the eyes and gills.

  3. Easy on that wine, muffin – or your next wave will be one of nausea. Oh who the fuck am I kidding. Drink the whole damn box.

    • dufmanno

      Done! Sadly though, it is so hot that I keet downing big glasses of water in between and the wine isn’t having the same giddy wonderful effect it usually does. AND I’m really bloated.

  4. Angel

    Have a lovely time and enjoy yourself.

    • dufmanno

      Done and done. Not looking forward to going home at ALL. I can spend the car trip back making yet another of my “list of reasons I deserve a beach house”.

  5. i love that feeling when my “shoulders have come down from around my ears as the stress ebbs away.”

    enjoy every moment, loveeee!

    ps: imma eat that burger right off the motherfucking screen.

  6. So, jealous, can’t, comment, right, now….

  7. I have not eaten a burger in ages, but that bitch looks tasty!!! That water looked really polluted, then I realized it was just a WHOLE LOTTA kids bobbin’ around in it. *giggle* Glad you lived it up!

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