Good At Life


How does a buffet table equal life again? Oh yes, I'm a simple gal.

Maybe things in your world are going along swimmingly and then suddenly you get thrown the proverbial curve ball.

How you react to this monkey wrench probably says more about you than the sum total of your life thus far.

What would you think about me if I told you that yesterday I was feeling positively turgid for absolutely NO reason?

You would tell me to buck the fuck up and snap out of it wouldn’t you?

If you were my mother you’d embellish some story you saw on CNN news about Jimmy the poor little boy who lives alone under a Joshua tree because his entire family was eaten in  a  horrific manner by a lion pride while he watched and cried.  Then you would dare me to feel poorly and have a bad day, because SISTER- there is NO FUCKING WAY you’ve endured that kind of brutal life lesson.

Some people face real adversity. Abuse, neglect, sickness ,death; horrors most of us can’t even comprehend.

I wonder to myself how I would cope with a real genuine problem and  I thought back to my melt down earlier in the day when I failed to get the correct number of sugar spoonfuls  for my morning joe and I  decided to hang my head in shame.

I want to be good at life.

I want to suck the marrow from everyday with the same fierce determination I use to empty out the bottom of my strawberry frappacino with that giant  straw they give you.

Just the other day I listened to some guy talk about what a drag his wife was. He was one of those men who complained endlessly about what a bitter shriveled up old harpie she had become, not even comprehending that the poor girl never had an angry, bitter or unhappy day until she’d hitched her wagon to his train and her youth, vitality and joie de vivre had been thrown under the wheels. Crushed instantly.

I began to worry that I was turning into one of these people who don’t see super opportunities to LIVE passing them by.

Should I pet my dog more?

Play more with the kids?

Spend more time laughing, even if I have to fake it?

All I know is, as I sat there worrying that I wasn’t chowing down with enough vigor at the  buffet of life ,I realized that the crispy prawn appetizers are just the beginning and I need to calm down and not choke.



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7 responses to “Good At Life

  1. That buffet looks fuckin’ rad. Feed me!

  2. Suck the marrow? That’s what she said.


  3. dufmanno

    According to chowhound marrow is best served on delicate little toasts after being cooked up just right.
    It sounds like something Satan would serve at his fiery buffet with maggots on the side but apparently it has wonderful nutritional value for those with the desire to eat it.
    I think it’s the visual of someone “sucking” the marrow out that has me worried about imps with spears and the meals in hell.

  4. Angel

    I have learnt a few life lessons that should stand you in good stead for a day or two.

    1. Never compare yourself to others.
    2. Everything in moderation including moderation
    3. Don’t give a f**k what others think of you
    4. Remember traffic wombles are people too
    5. Never p*ss off you sister cus she never forgets

    And the golden rule no matter how funny it appears at the time never video your partner snoring because its not so funny when they do the same to you.

    • dufmanno

      yeah, I learned that golden rule about snoring the hard way.
      I do have a hard time not comparing my glaring inadequacies to others shining beacons of super awesome.
      Oh well.

  5. You know how to seize life? It involves a chicken fight at Blogher with your secret weapon – your freakishly tall partner armed with a glitter gun and pilfered tube socks.

    For cereal, you exude balls and vivacity. *fist bumps*

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