A Night on the Town

Did you know there was an old Rod Stewart album by that name? 

I didn't look anything like this last night.

Elly just had an uncontrollable coughing fit at the mention of Rod, sorry Elly. Get well soon okay? 

So today was spent in pursuit of full bodily recovery from last nights hijinks. 

I’m tired.
I still have a headache.
There appears to be a hazy fog over everyone and everything I come in contact with.
My tongue is coated with an unidentifiable substance and I can’t write a decent sentence. 

I’ll let a few of these pictures do the talking. 

The faces of the not so innocent have been blurred to protect their identity. 

I look like the only innocent one here. Nothing to hide.

Three floors of salsa dancing, no air conditioning, thousands of sweaty strangers.

Great fun was had by all.



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5 responses to “A Night on the Town

  1. At least you wore up wearing your own underwear. You did, didn’t you?

    • Dufmanno

      I never bothered to check but dancing in that sweat soaked heatbath made for easy panty swapping, so who the he’ll really knows.
      Good fun though!

  2. you’re adorable! let me know when you’re up for some more hijinks. holla!

    • Dufmanno

      Awww, thanks. Most people think the adorable wears off as soon as I open my mouth and start talking.
      I’m up for hijinx at all times, I’ll call you…

  3. I just threw up in my mouth. That was mean.

    Also, if your tongue looks like mine, that coating is called MUCUS. Holla that, Patty!

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