Jumping Someone Elses Train

What does this title prove besides the fact that I listen to too much XM/Satellite First Wave Radio?

That there are no real new ideas, just old tired rehashed ones slightly updated with a twist and a shiny new veneer.

Every idea you’ve ever had?

Guess what?

Someone else already had it, and they did a better job getting it across than you did.

Music, movies, books, blogs you name it, it’s all been done before.

Case in point.

Last night I had a vivid dream about one of my favorite actors; Christopher Walken.

Everybody loves Christopher Walken. EVERYBODY.

Except this being a dream , he was a lilliputian thespian cradled comfortably on my shoulder whispering advice on various subjects like why I should watch out for any new movies from Robert DeNiro noting that the veteran has lost his edge and seems to be sleepwalking through most of his rehashed roles these days.

 He also had advice on a job that I shouldn’t take because it would’ve required me to remain sedentary under florescent lighting all day stating, ” we all know that those things suck the life out of even the heartiest of office workers“.

I got myself into a few more situations only to look down and find out he wasn’t as reliable as I previously thought, having vanished in a puff of smoke when I was wanting some sage words of wisdom or direction.

I miss his bizarre lilting cadence and weird emphasis on the wrong syllable but most of all I miss having a pocket-sized legend dispensing David Lynch style gems in my ear while I walk aimlessly around the twisted caverns of my subconscious.

So what’s the problem here?

After I thought about posting about this dream I read this great bit about the tiny dancer over at Patty Punkers blog.

Not that a hack like myself was ever going to cause some sort of global interplanetary fracas with a revolutionary new idea or anything, but I got worried that it would look like the tiny dancer was really similar to the itty bitty actor. Especially since I heard that Christopher Walken is actually a REALLY good hoofer.

So once again, here I am pulling into the station a day late with old news that someone has already reported multiple times with honors.

Even the idea about the lack of original ideas; it’s not new.

“There are no new ideas, there are only new ways of making them felt”-
Audrey Lorde


In reality I think I like Patty’s tiny dancer better because it fits into the palm of her hand, travels really well and has a similar sense of humor. Christopher Walken didn’t seem like he really wanted to hang out with me and kept flaking out whenever I needed him the most.



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7 responses to “Jumping Someone Elses Train

  1. what!? there is nothing not novel about writing like this:
    “I miss his bizarre lilting cadence and weird emphasis on the wrong syllable but most of all I miss having a pocket-sized legend dispensing David Lynch style gems in my ear while I walk aimlessly around the twisted caverns of my subconscious.”

    i want to go down on you right now.

    you’re simply amazing just like your lilliputian christopher walken friend.

    thanks for the props, sugar pops. xoxoxo

    • dufmanno

      Aww thanks, but I still like the tiny dancer better. Christopher Walken up and vanished on me just when our greatest adventure could have been starting. Unreliable bastard.
      I’m opting for the rock star version next time.

  2. I need to send you MORE COWBELLS!!! You are so right: Everybody loves Christopher Walken. I am now watching and listening to him doing Weapon of Choice again because your comment on Patty Punker’s Tiny Dancer and this post reminded me to do so. It makes me smile every time.

    • dufmanno

      I feel a CW movie marathon coming on. He really is a national treasure and should be treated as such. Pacino, DeNiro and assorted others get all the lip service despite spotty records but Walken NEVER fails to entertain no matter what the movie is about.
      The man transcends everything around him.

  3. Tru dat! I love the passage quoted by Patty too.

  4. I want tiny dancer and lilliputian Christopher Walken to knock boots, procreate, and give birth to a dainty little Liza Minelli who I’ll instantly kidnap and make live on MY shoulder. So yeah. Get on that. That’s what she said. *sigh*

    • dufmanno

      As long as you don’t mind that your dainty Liza is a sloppy drunk with terrible taste in men and a pill habit that sometimes gets in the way of her advice being solid.
      Like she might accidentally tell you that’s it’s perfectly okay to wear a Red Sox hat to a game at the new Yankees Stadium or that your shoes go with your dress when they clearly do not.
      She sounds like she could be a blast though, so we’ll have to get them all together during the holidays.

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