T Minus Four Days

Come along for the ride.

Try not to explode with glee that I will potentially be going somewhere that will prevent me from posting.

I’m bringing a laptop so, no, you didn’t dodge that bullet.

Instead, I’m dragging you along on our very long family road trip where you will be confined in small quarters with smelly children, bits of flying food, adults with misdirected anger issues and at least one hour of vile profanity laced rants.

Not sure if that will be from Il Duce or me, but stay tuned to find out.

The bags are packed, the car goes in for service tomorrow and at approximately 3:30 am Saturday morning we begin our journey.

Those with weaker consistencies might want to wear earplugs and bring smelling salts. We don’t travel pretty.



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5 responses to “T Minus Four Days

  1. Whee! ROAD TRIP!!! Dibs on the window seat.

  2. this is so exciting… I love road trips. should I spit the pumpkin seed shells on the floor or in the ash tray?

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