Not on the Zombie Bandwagon

These guys are running. Obviously not real zombies.

I can’t stand it when I miss all the fun. 

 And miss it I did as is evidenced by the zombie apocalypse led by the bloggess a few weeks ago on twitter and any number of wonderfully written entertaining blogs I follow chiming in with great zombie stories and facts. I mean christ , somebody even won this spectacular  zombie sock monkey   

Unlike all these guys and gals I’ve missed the boat regarding the love of zombies. 

That’s because I’m genuinely terrified of them. 

 You see, I was raised on a steady diet of Evil Dead and Night of the Living Dead, thanks George Romero and the other masters of horror . 

I grew to dread the slow lumbering pace (come on already kill me quick!) their large numbers and preference for human flesh. I always hated how it took them FOREVER to eat their victim who was still alive while he was being consumed. 


Truth be told, I’m actually scared of them because of the slight chance that they may exist. 

Well, that and they look an awful lot like any number of drunk guys lunging unsuccessfully with an open mouth toward my face. 

Many a long evening spent alone in an old reclusive farm-house had me thinking the scrape of the old oak on my window was the sound of zombie fingernails clawing at the glass pane trying to gain entry for a quick snack. Worse, what if the place was surrounded? After all it was the perfect place for an attack. 

Years later I would be the only one worried when our underaged drinking escapades had us hanging out in secluded graveyards to consume copious amount of alcohol and hide from the cops. As I slunk around on my belly trying to avoid the gleaming flashlight of law enforcement I would wonder to myself if I was the only one concerned about being grabbed by the protruding hand of an undead minion only to be dragged away and eaten. 

This week while spending far too much time on imdb I found out that George Romero has done it again. 

Reanimated corpses and new plot twists!



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2 responses to “Not on the Zombie Bandwagon

  1. Dammit. I want a zombie sock monkey.

    • dufmanno

      First off, thank you for your tireless work getting the public ready for any zombie case scenario, no matter how terrifying.
      Second, HellaChella makes a MEAN sock zombie. I’ve often wondered if she would consider doing a second.

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