Culture Brats Rocks

Doblers take Manhattan

Guess what?

I became a Culture Brat.

This site has everything pop culture related from the 80’s on and I can say with true sincerity while wearing my Police t-shirt, that it is like coming home.

Big hair, great music, they even have pieces on Boy George and popped collars.

God help me.



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11 responses to “Culture Brats Rocks

  1. That’s about full of the awesome. I have wigs and stuff you can borrow, if you need to cosplay as a rock star.

    Except let’s pretend I don’t have rock star wigs and I have no idea what cosplay means, because then I’d be a dork… That would suck.

    Seriously though. Kudos. You’ve got the beat.

    • dufmanno

      I knew that someday I would find the vessel to make all of my meaningless knowledge of 80’s related pop culture trivia useful.
      It has happened.
      Plus, I never wanted to role play a rock star, I just wanted to get to the age where I could sleep with them and then be cast off like yesterdays dirty diapers.
      Wow, that sounded bad.

  2. Janet

    I’m so going to hang out and the Gas and Sip.

  3. YOU are so going to rock it there. I am really glad you have come on board!

    • dufmanno

      Ahh, but without you these things would not have been possible.
      That place is like a little slice of heaven with a shredded Mon chi chi on top.

  4. Go girl. Stewart will be so proud.

  5. Angel

    Congratulation on becoming a Culture Brat. I liked your bit about the terminator – did you like the one made of that silver metal stuff who could change shape at will?

    I thought he was pretty cool.

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