Who among us hasn’t drifted off during some important point in our lives and began doodling?

At one point in my life where I spent a LOT of time fooling myself with unwarranted delusions of grandeur I fancied myself an artist. A bad artist, but an artist nonetheless. 

After two real art classes I realized what a rank amateur I turned out to be and started defacing property and little ripped bits of paper that were floating around. I think you can still see some of my handiwork in classroom 208 on some of the desks. 

Old notebooks of mine recently floated to the surface and I found some silly stuff. 

Yeah I told this person that they sucked wad. I was very mature back then.

At least I *think* I was paying attention during this college anatomy class.

Anatomy again. You can tell I start to drift off when she's talking about the neck.

Stole my daughters school sketchbook. Defaced it.

Combo of Christopher Walken and my husbands father. Drew this before I knew him so I consider this an omen.

Sadly, this should have served as foreshadowing of things to come. 

I have stacks of junky scrap paper creations accompanied by illegible captions that my friends and I penned during what seem to be drug addled stints in our classes. 

I recently unearthed one of our high school death and dying teacher holding hands with our dour math instructor. This would be okay except we depicted them as a clueless bespectacled hamburger and a pack of fries with an angry scowl and a love of the Pythagorean theorem. We titled it “Klaitchbuger and Weirfries” 

I’ll have to scan it for you so you can behold the wonder. 

Notice we didn’t dare draw a nun picture.



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6 responses to “Doodles

  1. Angel

    I’m a doodler when I talk on the telephone, I am more of a spirals and flowers type of person although if I do say so myself I do a pretty good Donald Duck.

    I like your skull with the really long neck, I’m not too sure I would like to meet the person who modelled for you though.

    • dufmanno

      Don’t fret, we had a hanging skeleton on wheels we could push around the classroom.
      Telephone doodling is the best when you look down after the conversation and have no idea what you drew or why.

  2. Wow. I totally thought that calf drawing was going somewhere else until I scrolled all the way down. I call dibs – you’re on my pictionary team.

  3. dufmanno

    You filthy heathens, now I’m worried about myself.
    I was going to post my lava lamp male anatomy pictures but now I’m thinking that I might want to hold off.

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