Jolie Finally Snaps and Throws One of Her Thirty Kids in the Drink


Now I'm going to throw you in so you know how it feels!!

Okay, I know that wasn’t fair but when I first saw this I swear I thought she was going to toss Knox’s ass right in after the fuzzy bunny cause she’s hardcore like that.

Or at least I think she is.

Whatever. Man stealing harpie.



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13 responses to “Jolie Finally Snaps and Throws One of Her Thirty Kids in the Drink

  1. Oh! His little face is so sad!

    “They are called consequences, honey, and, even though daddy and I have never had to deal with even a single one, you might someday. Learn from this.”

    • dufmanno

      Or I can just get you a newer better bunny instead of that old TV actress bunny with the nice legs and the California casual hairdo that launched a thousand copy cats.
      BRAD!!!!I’m feeling restless, let’s reproduce again!

  2. It’s so Michael Jackson.

    • dufmanno

      I miss the carefree days of Blanket when you could just dangle your infant over the balcony causing an international incident.

  3. That bunny jumped. It could take no more empty cooing.

  4. Angel

    She has got quite an intense looking stare in the first photograph, if you look at her eyes long enough you get this strange urge to jump. Do you think the bunny fell victim to this?

  5. Fuck the bunny, her hands are scaring me.

    • dufmanno

      Harpie talons.
      They dig them into your back and then tear you to shreds with their beaks!
      Especially if your name is jen…MEOW!

  6. Poulinskaya

    Fake eyelashes that big are not daywear.

    • dufmanno

      Yeah, this reeks of “photo-op”.
      Except that Knox ruined the moment by tossing the prop.
      new stuffed toy.
      “AND ACTION”

  7. “ha ha, it’s funny that we’re watching Mr. Bunny die.”

    This is an innovative style of parenting. Your kid spills milk and you yell, or act dissapointed, but it doesn’t help. Instead sit back and laugh at them. That’ll teach ’em.

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