Gonna Be a Bright Sunshiny Day.

Today started out well.

 Aside from that ant that I SWALLOWED WHOLE because he crawled up into my coffee cup, but that was merely a tiny hiccup easily overcome.
But where was I?…….
Oh yes, today and how glorious it is.
This day is in stark contrast to yesterday when I spent endless hours suffering the crippling effects of a raging urinary tract infection that I had tried to ignore.
My husband finally came home from work and implored me to throw in the martyr towel and go to the doctor before I ended up in the hospital again.
I have this odd habit of denying any sort of ailment that doesn’t have me flat on my back with an IV dripping fluids into my body. Usually by the time I’ve snapped back to reality and taken stock of the gravity of the situation it’s too late. I get a nice emergency room trip and occasionally an extended stay!

sweet relief

I can’t say I dislike the quiet time while doctors and nurses wait on me hand and foot but they probably have more pressing issues to deal with like gunshot wounds and unfortunate car accident victims.
I slept late (11:00 am y’all, suck on that!) and came downstairs to a ready-made pot of hot coffee courtesy of my long gone husband.

Glancing toward the south I noticed one of the dogs had crapped up the rug in the back of the house but I’m not letting that dampen my pain-free mood.


I’m going to pop my antibiotic and painkiller, wash it down with a cup of joe (ant optional) and spend the next few hours joyfully scrubbing dog shit out of my rug!
Good times.




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6 responses to “Gonna Be a Bright Sunshiny Day.

  1. I hope you and your vag recover quickly. My docs know better than to prescribe shit that can’t be taken with alcohol. I like a little vodka in my cranberry.

    • dufmanno

      Thank you my dear, we are on the mend.
      I needed something stronger than vodka cranberry and drugs to clean up that dog shit though.
      I guess that is solid proof that my dog does not in fact shit rainbows..

  2. janet

    I would change the dogs name to Sir Craps A lot. Ugh. And why? Why do you always wait with those things? Honestly you don’t have to go down the road of a near death experience just to get a nap for feck’s sake.

    • dufmanno

      Oh Janet, if only it were that easy.
      I like to nail myself to my tiny martyr cross with wee metal stakes so everyone can appreciate the true depth of my suffering while sick.
      Only the professionals wait until the ambulance has been called to utter a complaint.
      On that note I’d like to point out that I don’t know how to spell ambulance, so I guessed.

      • Janet

        You know what your mother would say, don’t you? She pronounced you thus after a full day of sun with no SPF @ my pool. Good times………

  3. Oh man… I can actually smell this post.

    The dry, stinky odor…

    I have too much experience with animal poops on rugs. Thanks for the sensory experience. gag.

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