6 responses to “Vegas

  1. The only food that’s ever made me cry is onions. Well, anything I chop has the potential to make me cry as I tend to lop off digits.

    • dufmanno

      I am going to have one of these steaks flown to your door so that you can understand.
      The guy serving it to me even brought it out in it’s own tiny bed of warm garnish and with one last loving embrace handed it over.
      It melted in my mouth.
      Then I almost lost the memory because an hour later we were drowning in alcohol.

  2. Angel

    And here’s me thinking a tent in a muddy field surrounded by cows and waiting six hours for a potato to boil was the height of luxury. Wanna swap holidays?

  3. First, thanks for the link. Using my powers of cyber-stalking (clicking through your YouTube videos), I now know what you sound like. I will now draw a small thumbnail portrait, which I will attach to a doll. That doll will sit at it’s own seat for dinner and we’ll treat is as though it is you and you are a guest.

    Second, the concept of melting steaks is GROSS.

  4. dufmanno

    You know what would make it even better? If you took a video of my doppleganger eating dinner with you and then posted it on YouTube!
    Unless you’ve ever had the pleasure of a melting steak, you haven’t lived. It’s not as Dali-esque as it sounds.

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