This is a Fish With Human Teeth

Hi, I've stolen your teeth and invaded your nightmares.

I uploaded this on TwitPic earlier and I can’t get it out of my brain.
Now you too can suffer the ill effects of having seen it.
You’re welcome.



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14 responses to “This is a Fish With Human Teeth

  1. Goddammit. And right before bedtime, too. Guess I’ll be sleeping with the lights on.

  2. Angel

    Ooo thats creepy, it’s one of those things that you know is not quite right but just cannot help look at.

    Like the time when I was a kid and I saw this man touch an electrified cattle fence, I know it was wrong but I was fascinated by how far he jumped backwards in one bound.

    • dufmanno

      Wow, you saw someone get zapped by an electric fence? Cool!
      This fish is just wrong and now that it’s out there I can’t help but wonder where is lurks and what kind of intentions it has.

  3. Whaaaaatthehellisthat???

    • dufmanno

      I think it was called a Pacu. I found him on the National Geographic site and thought I should share him.
      Now I think some things are probably better kept a secret.

  4. I keep checking my forehead for gills. I hope you’re happy. Reminds me of that fish with the other little creature that eats it’s tongue. Blech.

  5. why are you doing this to me?

    • dufmanno

      Because I don’t want you wading in some shallow pool of water in the tropics only to look down and see this completely insane thing gnawing on your ankle.
      You won’t panic, you’ll just say to yourself “oh, that’s the dreaded fish with human teeth, no big deal” Then you will remove it from your leg and carry on.

    • dufmanno

      No. That is not mean. That is love.
      I only look out for you guys and make sure you understand the kind of creatures you share your world with.
      This same series also had a newly discovered sand spider they found in the middle east. It jumps out of it’s hidden sand burrow and attaches to your face before devouring you! Just like the face hugger in Alien.
      Now that makes fish with teeth seem positively huggable by comparison, doesn’t it?

  6. Kelly

    Okay, clearly no one is seeing the bigger issues here.
    First, this fish has been drinking too much coffee and not flossing because I see some serious plaque build up and what appears to be the start of gingivitis.
    Second, no one took aim with a “sleep with the fishes” type joke here.

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