Do you remember when I went back in time and tried valiantly to put my twelve-year-old self on the right track?

So here is the kick in the face John Taylor and Stewart Copeland gave me by deciding to perform at a charity event together.

I know you did this on purpose you two.

Your paths should never cross.



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4 responses to “Remember?

    • Kelly

      I know. What a waste of percussion. Now, had he come to our Gala/auction I would have given him something to work with. I’m envisioning an Alice Cooper / AngusYoung in shortpants type scenario with Annabella Llwin formerly of bow wow wow fame singing back up. Also maybe Jane Wiedlin on guitar?

  1. oh this is bad. And look at you with 3 posts in ONE DAY.

    • dufmanno

      Yeah, I had a LOT on my mind and clearly fell down the ADD wormhole.
      Can you believe that Stew Cope/ J. Taylor collaboration? I mean I know it was to benefit their kids school but come on!
      I’d be all “look Dad, I know this is a low profile gig but you better not disappoint!”

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