This is Kate from the B-52's singing "Shiny Happy People" except she just looks like a vampire instead. Oh well.


The sun is shining. 

Little birdies are chirping. 

The joggers are all out running- dodging and weaving to avoid massive potholes and leaping over mounds of quickly melting snow. 

Instead of referring to me as scrappy or belligerent,  I  thought I overheard someone call me plucky. 

I didn’t threaten to murder anyone on my commute. 

I think I saw my dog shit out a rainbow. 

People I know who usually summon law enforcement to deal with each other actually stopped and gave each other a friendly wave. 

I mowed my walkers in the shower in anticipation of my legs being allowed to come  out from underneath thick corduroy pants. 

It’s amazing what four straight days of sunshine and temperatures hovering around the sixty degree mark will do for your psyche.


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20 responses to “Spring?

  1. I couldn’t agree more without sounding like a raving lunatic. Yesterday I saw my VP at work walk outside with without seeing anyone was looking threw his arms out wide and basked in the sun for a moment. It’s affecting us all. Hell, I might even start blogging and being more social again.

    Oh, and I *had* no idea what “mowed my walkers” meant. Now, I will use it as much as possible.

    • dufmanno

      It’s glorious isn’t it? My god I sound like a priest.
      Anyway, I’ve been using “mow my walkers” since my good friend in college decided to blurt it out while looking at my furry legs at the bar. She was looking really hard because we were totally drunk and there was some seriously subdued lighting in there.

  2. Is it bad that I wish it would rain? My car is super dirty and it could use a good washing.

    • dufmanno

      Rain is a-okay as long as the warm keeps on with the keepin’ on. Hot and dry, hot and rainy whatever. My car still has splattered brown slushy left over from the various snow storms.

  3. I totally went all the hills are alive yesterday in the park. Fortunately everyone was wearing headphones so they couldn’t hear my warbling. Too bad the rain returns tomorrow. I’ve got wine, though. I can wait it out.

    • dufmanno

      I love it when you transform into a Von Trapp family member.
      You can use the rainy days to practice your Tim Robbins escape scene from Shawshank Redemption. You know the one where he crawls through like fourteen thousand miles of poop in that pipe only to emerge into a cleansing rain storm? Yay!

  4. The Last Post

    We have sunshine here as well. isn’t it wonderful – I feel a strange sensation on my face, I think it is called a smile. I can walk past a group of school kids and not want to smack them over the head with my bag. You are so right about the nice weather.

    I draw the line at joggers though, there is one who passes me every morning and I really, really want to slightly drive over her just a little tiny bit.

    • dufmanno

      Yay, you’re alive! And you are enjoying the nice weather.
      Avoid the urge to run down motorists it never turns out well.

  5. Ok, totally OT – but have I ever mentioned that you have great teeth? I assume that’s you in your avatar pic.

    I wish I had such snazzy toofems…..

  6. wow. send some of all of that this way por favor. inmediatamente antes del invierno dura para siempre . hugs.

    • dufmanno

      Wait, with my limited Spanish I think that says something about long winter? I’ll go to google translator and be right back……………………..
      Well I was almost right.
      Hugs back.

  7. Can I come out of the compound now?


  8. The Last Post


    Do you mind if I send you an email?
    nothing to panic about I promise, if you don’t mind is it ok to use the email address on your comments to my blog.


  9. Your dog shits rainbows? Lucky.

    My dog shits banana coconut muffins. I hate bananas.

    • dufmanno

      Actually I think it just shit out a regular poo followed by a rainbow cloud of gas that floated upward allowing me to witness this miracle.

  10. I actually went outside today. And didn’t burst into flames. My new Dr. has prescribed 20 minutes of un-sunblocked sun a day. It’s not really the same as valium so I was kind of pissed about that.

    • dufmanno

      That’s not really the same as valium at all. What was your doctor thinking?
      You need to send him a video of you skipping around for those twenty minutes and then suddenly going all Firestarter after too much exposure.
      Valium > time outside

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