Fireside Chat

Why hello there! Lets all pull a bearskin rug up to the fire and get comfy, shall we? 

Oh my goodness, I feel so much better after nearly coming unglued from back to back snow in’s and confining illnesses! They’ve given me my shot of joy juice, patted me on the head and assured me that all troubles will cease from here on in. Hear that? It was my sigh of artificially induced relief. 

It’s been a terrible week with all the vomiting and fevers I’ve had to deal with but I’m finally feeling the weight lift as I see the munchkins run off toward the school building. Things are righting themselves in  natural order as it all falls into place. As Tangina from the 80’s classic horror flick Poltergeist says “this house is clean”. Okay, she didn’t mean free from puke and germs but you get the basic idea. 

Here’s a little visual prompt for you. 

Never have a clown in your room fool.

Now that I’ve happily settled into my Monday morning routine I’m clearly benefitting from all of this peace and quiet so let’s chat shall we? 

How have you been? No problems bearing down on you I hope! Next week marks the one year anniversary of this little blog. Strangely it was born while our entire family was under quarantine here in our home after the kid’s school had the distinction of becoming the first to close from a swine flu outbreak. 

H1N1 helped birth this little project so I would be silly not to thank her.  She didn’t wreak the kind of havoc I was anticipating (I had gas masks, buckets of bleach and a power hose just in case) but she did cause enough strife to push a woman on the brink of mind numbing boredom to get acquainted with WordPress. 

It seems fitting that the one year mark falls just as my Stockholm syndrome has dissipated and we have exited the house after yet another stretch of confinement.

So here’s to one year of spewing unfiltered drivel with limited editing for all the world (or at least three people) to see. I’m glad I got all of that shit off my chest.



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13 responses to “Fireside Chat

  1. Yay! Almost congratulations! Imma get you a clown to celebrate.

    • dufmanno

      Thanks and it has to be a clown intent on spreading good instead of evil.
      No one wants to end up getting dragged under the bed and strangled by an angry clown.

  2. What is that picture from? I vaguely remember it from something, in that it brought back feelings of crippling fear and wanting my mommy.

    • dufmanno

      It was the early 80’s. You had just finished watching the feel good movie of the decade E.T.
      Someone told you that Steven Spielberg had a producing credit on this cool new ghost movie called Poltergiest so you ran to see it.
      You left terrified your neighborhood was built on an old graveyard where the bodies got left behind and you threw out your collection of clown dolls because you now knew the terrifying truth. They DO come alive at night and murder you. Plain and simple.
      Since I can’t do anything simply. The answer to your question is this.
      The picture is of “Robbie” the middle child of Diane and Steven Freeling from the movie Poltergeist. This is him being attacked by his toy clown.

  3. I actually preferred the part where the giant tree monster tries to swallow Robbie whole… makes me laugh and laugh and laugh… until I start coughing and choking. Because it isn’t funny.

    Happy almost! How shall we celebrate?

  4. dufmanno

    I forgot about the tree! That was the best part!
    I’m going to celebrate by putting a bow in my hair and doing some singing. Then perhaps a bottle of wine?

  5. dufmanno

    Jen . I hope you have gotten rid of anything even remotely related to clowns. They promote terror and murder, kids hate them and they are sneaky.

  6. The tree was definitely the best part and NOW I have to read your archives and find out what all this sicky business last year was about…

    I’m lazy though. Maybe you post some reference links for us, perhaps? Or I rent a clown suit. Your call.

  7. Happy anniversary!

    But dammit, you should have put a trigger warning. When I was five, I walked into my neighbor’s house (without knocking… I was that kid) and Poltergeist was on. I’ve had a fear of clown dolls and closet doors ever since.

    You’ve completely triggered a relapse. I’m going under my desk now.


  8. I’m with Shannon. A little “avert your eyes, ye who be squeamish” before the clown pic would have been much appreciated by this scaredy-cat. I actually did scroll down quickly while looking away from the monitor. Aaaand, I’ll now need confirmation that there are no similar soul-terrifying photos in your archives before I start to read them.

    • dufmanno

      You’re going to want to stay away from the post titled “true evil”. It is there that I tackle the horror of both clowns AND creepy puppets.
      Nightmarish visuals include:
      H.R. Puffinstuff, Lady Elaine and the above clown in full terror mode.

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