Amore Or Maybe It’s More Like Agape

Ever wonder what you could accomplish with an incredible window chalk marker, five minutes of spare time and a dream? Well, now you know. 

Try not to be overwhelmed.

I’ll just erase the “love Dufmanno” part and present to husband when he returns home. 

Happy Love day!



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12 responses to “Amore Or Maybe It’s More Like Agape

    • dufmanno

      I know. I think I’ve taken leave of my senses or something. Hope your day was filled with love, lust or some such type thing!

  1. Just got your comment over at my blog…we did get tattoos yesterday. It was fun and long. Its here

  2. Love it! I may have to steal that idea next year. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  3. it may be wiped away, but internet eternity lasts forevah.

  4. Am I really the first to ask what the weird runny brown mark is about on the right?

    Is that poo? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. I saw the drip too…but I let is slide…get it?

  6. dufmanno

    That represents the oozing runoff of dried blood that happened when the sharp arrow pierced the once beating heart of love.
    Either that or my dry marker skills aren’t quite what they used to be.
    I think Elly should do an expose on what can happen to a unicorn when it’s powers are harnessed for the destruction of mankind. It should be called “When Good Unicorns Go Bad” and should feature a before and after picture of Starbrite/Apocolype as well as a revealing pic of said unicorn pooping on my message of love.

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