Some Things That Cropped Up While Working on the 5th Grade Art Project

I love it when unexpected projects fall into my lap. Actually, scratch that and remove the sarcasm. Now I’ll start again. 

Upon finding a crumpled half destroyed worksheet describing a school art project in my daughters backpack, I sat down with her and began the research that  usually accompanies an endeavor like this. Pick an artist, get supplies, attempt a decent reproduction, get it into the teachers hands with minimal damage, etc. 

This time however, the research part had me lolly gagging around google images admiring some things I hadn’t seen or thought about in a long time. 

Andy Wharhol


I miss my viewmaster

In honor of the hubby

Ahh, the 60's



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8 responses to “Some Things That Cropped Up While Working on the 5th Grade Art Project

  1. oh Edie.
    I can’t wait until Will is old enough for school art projects… I’ll probably take them all away from him and do them myself.

    • dufmanno

      I know. This is the second one (the VanGogh was great too) that I really got excited about. She picked Andy W. and I nearly went through the roof with glee.

  2. View Finders make me swoon. *sigh*

  3. Seriously? Research for a 5th grade art project takes you to Warhol and Viewmaster? I gotta go to that school. Awesome.

  4. dufmanno

    The art teacher is relatively new and is trying to get them to appreciate all types of art while getting them to participate. No small feat.

  5. Dude! My daughter found my Viewmaster a few weeks ago and I “borrowed” it from her for a “few minutes” as soon as I realized it.

    In some unspecified length of time, I visited the Grand Canyon, watched the Civil War and tripped my balls off to the Looney Tunes in 3D.

    She eventually got bored and left, I think. I wasn’t really paying attention.

    • dufmanno

      I could spend hours with the Viewmaster. It’s so simple but I still find myself enthralled with the popping colors and stunning visuals. The 3-d one is mind blowing.

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