Two Hours and Counting

That’s how much longer I have to wait for Monday to be over. Meanwhile, enjoy these random photos of unrelated things.

U Street traffic.

Molly weary after a long day of napping and stealing food.

Diorama containing Sam's Indiana Jones action figures.(Too much spare time)

Again, too much spare time and letter magnets.



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6 responses to “Two Hours and Counting

  1. I have always wanted a Boston Terrier.

    • dufmanno

      See! You are me, but better. Molly is a madwoman and she rules the roost. Our chocolate lab, Grover , is terrified of her.

  2. I have always wanted an Indiana Jones figurine.

    • dufmanno

      You can’t even begin to imagine the possibilities. You should see our Star Wars collection. Best of all? Marvel superheros vs. Indiana Jones vs. Star Wars in a bathtub war. Marvel emerges victorious nearly every time. I should let you know here that this is not MY bathtime , it’s the kids. I swear!

  3. The Last Post

    Your dog looks absolutely adhorable and I am so jealous you have Indiana Jones figures to play with.

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