Pocket Atomic

Today I found out a few things.  First, there really is no way to eat a Chipotle chicken burritos and drive without having a terrible accident so that is why I pulled over in that abandoned lot to smash fistfuls of rice, beans, chicken and copious amounts of guacamole in my maw.  It was delicious AND liberating at the same time. Free from the constraints of driving responsibly I was able to negotiate every morsel,  careful never to drop parts of the delicately overstuffed insides and keeping the harmonious balance between inner and outer shell. 

Second, idle time creates opportunities for those of us with less fulfilling lives to poke around and look for pictures like this. 


You may thank the DJ’s on SIRIUS/XM’s  classic rewind for playing Loverboys “Turn Me Loose” as a viable alternative to “Working for the Weekend” which is  on most local radio stations come Friday afternoon. 

The end of the week is officially here.



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11 responses to “Pocket Atomic

  1. I’m inspired to wear my red leather pants tonight! Now if only I could find my banana clip…

    • Kelly

      Bananna clips were the answer to every hair dilemma. How cool was it that you could have your very own authentic horse mane flowing behind you?

  2. chuck

    Maw is mine. You have been warned.

    • Kelly

      I don’t know if I should heed that warning. The rocking pancake bacon breakfast you whipped up for our kids and their friends this morning is helping me get on board with this idea.
      Okay, you can have maw.

  3. chuck

    In the spirit of quid pro quo, gall is now yours.

  4. great. secrets out about my ass. AND, I’m glad you pulled over because now my mouth is watering… more good news about my ass.

    • dufmanno

      Red leather pants and Chipotle do not mix. I make it a rule to wear only fabrics that breathe while I chow down on the gooey deliciousness.

  5. I am finding that picture oddly arousing. Ew, I make me sick.

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