This is you, as seen by me

There are some things we can all agree on regardless of how different we may be. Like the universally understood fact that  no one can raise a barn or make potato salad like the Amish AND no matter how perfect you are there is always room for improvement. That last part is a tricky one. I’ve thought long and hard over the years about ways I’d like to better myself. A sound mind and body, realization of my full potential (“would you like fries with that?”) mastering a lethal roundhouse kick, etc. But, I can say without a doubt that nothing makes me more determined to run quickly in the opposite direction of self-help, good fortune and prosperity than someone telling me what I’m doing wrong.

Have you ever had someone who decided to bless you with some “home truths” so you could better yourself after listening to their well thought out critique?  After lamenting your shortcomings and letting you know that there is always room for change where you are concerned there is always the pat on the head, and because you were tired or not your usual rapier sharp self you couldn’t come up with a  fitting retort for the situation. All you could do was stew in a vat of your own perceived inadequacies as you sat there like a whipped dog soaking up the criticism . 

This ALWAYS happens to me.

Not just because I suck in so many ways, but because thinking on my feet is not my strong point.   By the time I’ve thought of a way to say “hey, I’m not really that bad!” my urge grab a frying pan in a frenzy and knock the sanctimonious sneer off the face of my adversary has diminished.

So, the next time someone takes time out of their busy schedule to show you where you could use a little improvement just remember that the “fixer” probably has some serious issues of their own but occasionally the wisdom nuggets they drop around you DO have a bit of truth to them. Unless of course, like me, you could not be any closer to perfection than you already are.


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9 responses to “This is you, as seen by me

  1. The Last Post

    I know these people well, they are nearly as bad as the ones who watch you back your car into a low wall then say smugly “I could see you were going to do that”.

    I too can always think of the perfect answer about an hour later and try as I might I can never find a way to rework it back into the conversation.

    No sign of my snuggie yet (sign).

  2. The Last Post


    I meant to say “sigh” and the end of No sign of my Snuggie yet not “sign”

    Apologies for the slightly hysterical scream, the snow and ice is beginning to get to me.

  3. Wait. So there might be something to that whole you’re-a-loud-obnoxious-bitch-thing I keep getting from strangers at bars? Maybe they’re just jealous because I go to 11. Awww yeah.

    • dufmanno

      Nooooo! Absolutely not. This is the kind that slithers up to you with seemingly pure intentions and a crooked smile to offer helpful words. They generally start off with “You know what the problem with you is?” and then open the floodgates.

  4. Man, what a great blog post. Ok, there was a little room for improvement here and there, naturally. Ive got some insight for you, if you’d like it.

    Use more swears. It really engages the audience. Also, consider using pink type. Pink type is …

    Just kidding. I love your blog.

    • dufmanno

      You’ve got some sort of freaky esp thing going here because I was JUST on your blog reading about how you would like to be a bear. Then I had a crazy ass flash back of that man eating bear from “THE EDGE” (Starring Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin and Elle MacPherson) and I had to RUN to imdb to see the year it came out and find out what happened to Elle MacPherson. Well, besides getting hotter.

  5. what could possibly be wrong with you?

    • dufmanno

      I ask myself that question ALL THE TIME. One thing I can think of right off the bat is my abuse of CAPS. Other than that, I’m coming up blank.

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