I Don’t Like Monday’s

You know what?  Bob Geldof and company were right. Monday’s suck. Monday also destroys any therapeutic value that Sunday has since you spend the last day of the week-end fretting endlessly about what comes next. You need it as a buffer day between Saturday and Monday but it’s just destroyed because of the stress barreling down the track toward you that can’t be stopped.
To offset the anger that I am clearly harboring toward the beginning of this week , I give you this.

Middle man at two.

And this.

Middle man at seven months.



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6 responses to “I Don’t Like Monday’s

  1. I find that if I spend my Sundays soaked in Popov, Mondays usually blur by with hardly an effort. Then suddenly it’s Tuesday and I’m a new man.

    Alcohol: what can’t it solve?


  2. Kelly

    Perhaps I should do the same and while I’m at it I can stop abusing the poor apostrophe. I’ve just been informed via phone that my inability to use spellcheck is most unfortunate. Whoops.

  3. The Last Post

    That is the only problem with the weekend it is far too close to Monday. Even just saying “Monday Morning” send shivers down my spine.

    Love the photographs by the way.

    I have left a little present for you on my blog.

  4. dufmanno

    Present?! I’m running (virtually).

  5. This was a particularly sucky Monday. It should be flogged, doused in salad dressing, then left naked on the cold street. Boo. Hiss.

  6. dufmanno

    I haven’t been flogged since Catholic school. Brings back warm memories.

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