The Great Interview Experiment- Part 2

So, if you were a tree, what kind would you be?

I just finished answering groundbreaking and thought-provoking questions dreamed up by Logtar at
Not only did he dig deep, he now has me thinking about therapy for my explosive rage syndrome. Great questions, a ton of fun!



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12 responses to “The Great Interview Experiment- Part 2

  1. The Last Post

    You gave very good answers, I wish I could do witty and funny but it just hurts my brain.

    I see you are a fellow terminator fan, is this just me or do you wish the local supermarket sold terminators as well?

    Oh, Oh, Oh must tell you this – I’ve ordered a snuggie. Yay.

    • dufmanno

      I loved how he called me out on all my imagined end of the world case scenarios. I had to hang my head in shame and admit I only dream of using my survival techniques. Be prepared is the motto!
      What color is your Snuggie?

  2. okaaaaay.
    I know you read my blog but how the hell do we end up with the same favorite book of all time AND the same fave album????!!!!! I fell out of my seat and am still laying on the floor. and I’m sucking y thumb. I stopped reading it there. BRB, going back for more. PS, then I’m coming over.

    • dufmanno

      So freaking weird! I told you I am your lower acheiving twin with lesser pedigree. I still can’t freaking believe we have twin dogs too.

  3. PS PS, glad to know that you are a mutt too. the geek alliance is SO ON.

  4. I want to comment, and yet I feel like I’m interrupting a tender, intimate between you two. Maybe I’ll just take a quick snap then try and slip soundlessly back into the hallway.

  5. The Last Post

    More about my snuggie,

    I had a choice of blue, pink or red. So I picked red, people will be able so see me for miles, which may be useful if I ever get lost outside in this weather.

    Do you think I should wear it outside. I am thinking more of my somehwhat already damaged reputatuon than for warmth?

    • dufmanno

      Actually Elly, I think I have terrified poor Ry with our parallel exsistences. She sees what could have happened to her in an alternate universe and is thanking her lucky stars that she got the “good” life.
      TLP- I have been warned NEVER to wear the Snuggie outside. Besides the fact that your reputation will be soiled, it’s far too long and you will trip and hit your head.

  6. PS Elly – this is just some totally weird thing that we are going through. Its like realizing that your long lost stunt double is standing next to you on the elevator.

  7. One of Logtar’s readers, wanted to let you know I followed the link from his blog and am delighted by yours!

  8. If I were a tree, I’d be a palm tree – hands down.

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