H.O.T. Spells Hot.

Me: Hi honey, how was school today?
ID: Good
Me: What did you guys do?
ID: We drew and went to computers and wrote about things we wear when it’s cold out.
Me: Wow, that sounds great.
ID: (out of nowhere) Mom, I kissed Anne Stuart today.
Me: (whirling around to face him) Huh?
ID: I kissed her right on the face and then on my worksheet I spelled the word “hot”.
Me: Huh? Why hot?
ID: Because Anne Stuart is hot, and she’s my new girlfriend so I learned to spell it for her. Then I showed her.
Me: What did she say? Wait, back up, who told you about girls being hot?
ID: The TV people, and E & G (siblings)
Me: Honey, girls don’t like the word hot, they like to be called “pretty” or “special”. Well maybe not special but you need to find nicer words for them if you want them to like you back.
ID: She liked when I called her hot, and she liked the kiss.
*Long awkward silence*
Me: So, do you want to go to McDonald’s?

Note: Although it would be incredibly fitting I am not referring to the emperor as “ID”. It’s just short for Il Duce.



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4 responses to “H.O.T. Spells Hot.

  1. Ruh-roh, you’ve got a little Lothario on your hands. Skip McDonalds and head straight for the pharmacy to get your hands on Tiny Jack’s Preschool Prophylactics. Ask for it by name.

    (God, I fear the day one of my daughters becomes Anne Stuart.)


  2. dufmanno

    I know. I was a little worried until I dropped him off this morning and she took him out with a full body tackle and showered him with big fat four year old kisses all over his head. Then I realized she could totally kick his ass ninja style if he ever really got out of line. I think Il Duce has met his match. Thankfully. Anne Stuart is my new idol.

  3. The Last Post

    Ooh I knew an Anne Stuart at school, she terrified everyone – even the pupils.

    For the price of a packet of sweets she would warn off your enemies and if you threw in a few marbles they would never be seen again.

    My poor sister has all this to come. I can see a lot of long awkward silences in their house.

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