Clear and Present Danger

This wasn't the accident I saw, but they look so calm and civilized I had to post this instead.

Have you ever noticed that I have stolen nearly every title from a movie or song? I need them for my nefarious new invention.
Today I was a New Yorker not exactly sure where she was going. I can say without a doubt that a more lethal combination of aggression and uncertainty does not exist. Around and around I drove in circles speaking to  my self in short angry bursts of profanity, gesturing wildly at other drivers to go around me so I could look at building numbers and take my time. Then all hell broke loose when just four cars in front of me an equally impulsive but clearly far less skilled driver flew around a well-marked construction area,  nearly clipped a terrified pedestrian and crashed full speed into another car.  For reasons unknown an additional vehicle decided to hit him from the rear even after all this took place. Funny thing about chaos, you can’t predict it but you can drive away quietly while the smoke is clearing.
You just never know. Who would have thought I’d spend the better part of the next forty-five minutes chit chatting with an officer about what I saw and end up completely forgetting the errand I had meant to run that morning.
I’ve always admired people with a clear destination. No fog in their future, just a set course they sail toward a brightly lit beacon. Charting around obstacles with ease and arriving there with their singular purpose still blazing. Then there are people like me, who flail blindly around poking at things of interest and skipping away in oblivion unsure if it was something that should have been pursued. With few exceptions this  is the main theme in my life.   Welcome to it.



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6 responses to “Clear and Present Danger

  1. I’m not 100% sure, but based on what you’ve written, it seems plausible that you were the cause of this accident. I recommend that you turn yourself in immediately.


  2. just as long as the danger was 4 cars in front of you… DRAMA! universally, people shouldn’t be allowed to operate machinery… our brains are too fried.

  3. dufmanno

    Maybe in a weird ass backwards way. If I had been using my “Mindflex” I would have been the cause of it for sure. While I was at it I would have wished for the entire scene to erupt in otherworldly flames so that this post wouldn’t have been so boring.

  4. I once saw a minivan barrel roll. That was pretty damned cool. And the next day I got off at an exit and there was an accident on the overpass where a car was upsidedown.

    I knew it had to be some kind of omen, but I never figured out what.

    Oooh! And I also once saw a helicopter hit a powerline and disintegrate!


  5. I’m jealous you got to act out a scene from SVU. I’m glad you weren’t hurt. Now you can come pick up your award and revel in the silliness.

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