Happy New Year.


Hold onto your pocketbook.

Let’s all imagine together for a moment shall we, that 2009 was a stellar year filled with happiness and brimming with the kind of hope they write about in inspirational literature. You attained every goal. You reached for the lofty heights and dammit you managed to touch them. The sky was the limit and you soared into the upper stratosphere with ease and precision leaving all those pitiful ground dwellers behind choking on the smoke of your rocket boots.
Now, snap the fuck out of it and come back to reality.
Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve. Don’t drink too much and see me in the morning.



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6 responses to “Happy New Year.

  1. Hugs and happiness and New Years giggles, etc. Big 2010 slurps to you and yours.

  2. I missed New Year’s Eve because I was hold all night with the rocket boot repairman…

  3. The Last Post

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year too. Here’s to a happy and peaceful 2010. Just off now to the rocket boot shop to get fitted for a new pair.

    • dufmanno

      2010 has not thrown anything my way in the last 24 hours that I can’t deal with so things are looking up. I hear the rocket boots come in a variety of colors now too!

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