Check out my Slide Show!

Okay, so I attempted one of these “year in the life” type things and went down in flames when I died out right in the middle of making it. Then I got distracted no less than fourteen times when all three kids erupted into angry fist fights and name calling. This is what resulted and frankly I’m a little sad about it. I wanted something epic.  Now there are two kids hanging over my shoulder screaming that they want their Club Penguin memberships renewed THIS INSTANT. Sigh.



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2 responses to “Check out my Slide Show!

  1. The Last Post

    I think it’s looks quite good. I especially like the one of the trees in the snow.

    Speaking of snow they showed Washington on the news just a while ago, you look as though your having it quite bad. We will no doubt have it next so I shall brace myself.

    • dufmanno

      Now I feel a little better. I was so incredibly disappointed at first and then I misdirected my anger at the offspring blaming them entirely for the lame display. Whoops.
      We are no longer buried but hazardous road conditions and poor drivers are EVERYWHERE. Ahhhh!

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