They Call Me the Seeker

Thank you Pete T. My mission today was to knock out as much holiday shopping as I could manage while keeping the gifts interesting, thoughtful and proper for their intended recipients. This is why I found my self at no less than five stores in a span of two hours. I wanted to shake it up a little this year and I managed to keep the assorment of purchases eclectic and inexpensive but there were a few ends I needed to wrap up so I headed to Barnes and Noble. There I found great books on sale for the kids and for a few grownups as well. My final act before checking out was to find a helpful sales associate at the information kiosk to hold my hand and direct me to the shelf containing The Dangerous Book for Boys and the Dangerous Book for Girls. It took him a microsecond to navigate me through the stacks and locate both. He waxed poetic for a few minutes about what a great gift these books were and wanted to know if there was anything else he could help me find . “Well” I thought for a minute, “unless you have the dangerous book for babies, I think I’m all set.”
Uncomfortable silence.
“That’s not even funny.” was his reply.

I hate it when my jokes fail in this spectacular fashion. It also makes me think that someone needs to quickly get to work on that wildly inappropriate volume of dangerous activities for tots. Babies + heavy machinery = hilarity. Or not.



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7 responses to “They Call Me the Seeker

  1. My wife is a big fan of “How to Massage Your Cat.”

    It was written by the Alice of “Alice’s Restaurant.”


  2. dufmanno

    I wish I had grown up with a cat that would have allowed me to massage it instead of sinking it’s claws and teeth into my ankles during surprise attacks. Still, looks like a great book.

  3. Well, I thought it was funny

  4. The Last Post


    Just found my way here from Crone & Bear It and really like your blog and writing style.

    Don’t worry you are not alone, I have had many a joke go flat on me. When I (try to) tell a joke I usually think they are hysterically funny and everyone else just stands stony faced looking at me with a worried look on their faces.

    Anyway sorry to ramble on a bit, I have trouble knowing when to end a comment.

    Merry Christmas.

    • dufmanno

      Thanks. Love that Crone & Bear blog, we also love a good ramble here. You NEVER have to end a comment as far as I’m concerned.

  5. As a former bookstore manager, your joke makes me miss this type of awkward but funny interaction with total strangers. I might have to go hang out at Barnes and Noble tonight just to face out some books and ask the employees to look up a book for which I remember neither the title or the author, but I do know that it’s got a blue cover.

    • dufmanno

      You know that guy was so proud of successfully finding me something that I wanted and all our witty banter back and forth until I crossed the line. Leave it to me to destroy even the most positive experience. Funny you should mention that about the blue cover as that was one of my super sleuth descriptions about the book in question.

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