Old Vs. New

Here it is in brown. Not the much preferred olive green.

I just spent forty-five minutes googling “J. Crew Barn Jacket” so I could complain about the floofy mess that J. Crew has morphed into with its dry clean only cardigans and fine silk shirts. Work boots and rugged barn jackets was where it was at for me. So after a spell I happened upon this blog ,written it seems by someone who is smarter and far more progressive than I am. http://nibsblog.wordpress.com/2009/09/24/thennow-j-crew/ This is why people like me with only a little information on various obscure subjects should just leave it to the professionals and take their half-baked ideas and bury them.  Yeah, what she said, I’m going to get my shovel now.

The old cotton rollneck sweater. Does it get any better?


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