Suck it Scott Storch

Sorry, I couldn’t resist doing this. Earlier this evening I emailed this half assed rap song to my husband so he could record it with my daughter. While inquiring about the glut of poorly written but catchy songs I had heard recently on FM radio my husband pointed to the all-powerful Scott Storch. How long do you think it will be before he sends men in dark suits to put a cap in my ass?

Crazy song written for E D by her mother after an excruciating 2 hour trip enduring the radio stylings of the twenty worst rappers and song writers she’s ever heard. Courtesy of 99.5.
Had these terrible ditties not gone before, I would most assuredly never have been able to compose such drivel. I did so in five minutes flat. I also came up with her new rap moniker- wait for it…

Lil’ E.N.D. (her initials)

DC State of Mind

Quarter moon risin’ – over Ben’s on U
Your mind is reelin’- with all the things ya got ta do
Wonderin’ over and over if the day is gonna end
Spendin’ most ya time runnin’ madness with ya friends

The Potomac runs funny under bridges thru canals
It sure ain’t Billy’s Hudson but for that our DC swells
Verizon Centers got it every day this week
Caps, Concerts, Wizards not a place to see the weak

Lookin down Mt. Pleasant Street all the way to sixteenth
Steppin down the alley way past hoops and lost dreams
Heading through the door seeing all the city strife
Do you know the way to live the DC life?

Now just write a little chorus to pop in between the verses and you too can reach the lofty heights of stardom. Start biting your nails now Scott Storch, I’m coming for your Bentley.


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