Super Cuts

Dorothy Hamil 78. I was tricked into cutting off my waist length hair for this.

Get a load of this blast from the past. Recently, strange people from my past have been miraculously appearing on Facebook, saying hello and subsequently posting ancient photos of myself and others from a long ago and best forgotten time. While I lament my unfortunate choice of hairdo’s with each passing era I applaud my bravado and ability to make a statement. There was the late 70’s Dorothy Hamill bowl cut, the 80’s asymmetrical hot mess from Astor Place, the 90’s blunt heavy bangs and two metric tons of hair product and finally the greying half brushed rats nest. Will I ever learn? Currently I am sporting the easy but not very stylish mom ponytail with sunglasses garnish on top. This every woman cop-out coif is a favorite of the infrequent bather and the work out fanatic alike. It’s quick, easy and a viable alternative to the wild woman from Borneo look I am generally sporting straight out of bed. Since I like to appear as if I choose civility as opposed to nightmarish chaos, two turns of the hair scrunchy and a dab of Love’s Baby Soft behind the ears usually does the trick. I need to call my stylist.


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