Oh Halloween I love you. Crazy outfits, severed body parts, gravestones and zombies are such a pagan delight. This year the festivities fall on a week-end insuring a three-day free for all. After shepherding our kids to two separate soirees and then to the school costume sock hop I looked back on the costumes of years past.  Various Skywalker family members, Stormtroopers, Yoda, Princess on a pony and Snow White were the nostalgic get ups of yester year. Now I have to endure undead cheerleaders, the villan from the Scream movies, half-rotted zombie clowns from the netherworld, meh. How about some sparkle and pizzazz people? My youngest is going as Wolverine this year so I can still stroll down the lane without having to explain to a thousand aghast parents of toddlers that my older two aren’t  trying to terrify their visibly trembling children. They will wait until the bonfires of Lamont Street are fully blazing to head out and do their trick or treating.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


trick or treat?


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