David and Me

In less than ten hours I will be in the same room with David Sedaris. There are only two people who I know of that can be counted on to make me laugh (I mean really laugh, not chuckle, or giggle) regularly. One is my husband, the other is David. David also makes millions of other people laugh and that is why we all pay money to sit in the same room with him and pray that he will make us his best friend after the reading and book signing. Sure David, we’d love to go get a fancy cocktail with you! It’s a shame that none of us are really worthy, and so probably will miss out on that social opportunity to get to know him better.
My seats are close enough that I’m sure if I threw I quarter I would have an excellent chance of hitting him, but I would never do that, because I love David and I want him to keep writing books and coming to readings.
I am finding that I am so genuinely gleeful about getting a chance to see him, that I have no snarky musings or quirky observations to share about what I feel is a wonderful opportunity. Just thankful that tickets were available and excited to see David in the flesh.


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